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15 Perfect Gift Ideas for the Overwatch Fan in Your Life


15 Perfect Gift Ideas for the Overwatch Fan in Your Life

Heroes like gifts too.

Tracer Statue – This BlizzCon 2015 Overwatch Tracer statue looks incredibly stunning, and really serves to capture Tracer in motion.

Winston Plush – Winston can be scary when he goes into rage mode, but he’s got to be the biggest softie in the cast of heroes in Overwatch. Cuddle with this cute plush toy when you head to bed.

D.Va Varsity Jacket – Here’s a cotton varsity jacket, complete with D.Va’s bunny logo on the front. Splashed with light blue and white, show off your support for the pro StarCraft gamer by wearing this out.

Pachimari Plush – The Pachimari isn’t very prominently featured in Overwatch, but it is one of the cutest critters you’ll find the game right now. Here’s a plush of the onion… octopus… thing.

Overwatch Loot Box – Ah yes, the Loot Box. It’s a good reminder of all the painful times we’d open a hard-earned Loot Box, hoping to finally get that that sweet Legendary skin for Reinhardt, only to find more duplicates and voice lines you’ll never use.

Roadhog Mini Canvas and Easel – Roadhog looks intimidating, but his spray paint tags look absolutely adorable on these tiny canvases. For the hog player in your life.

Genji Shuriken Replica – For the Genji players who just can’t get enough of throwing shurikens at their opponents’ faces in-game, here are some shuriken replicas for your admiration. Just don’t actually throw these at real people.

Overwatch Paracord Bracelet – Now this is a charming little item. Handmade with black, white, and orange cords, this bracelet sports the Overwatch logo and colors to show your allegiance.

Mei’s Snowball Robot Plush – Whether you hate her or love her, there’s no denying that Mei’s little ice robot is one of the cutest things in the game. Here’s a plush of the adorable mini mech.

Widowmaker Necklace – Widowmaker’s iconic helmet looks absolutely stunning as a necklace you can carry on your person. It’s pretty, but also intimidating, in an “I’m a dangerous assassin” sort of way.

Zarya Logo Pillow – Need a new pillow or cushion around the house? And you happen to be a Zarya main? This nifty little Zarya logo pillow should do the trick.

Winky Face Lip Balm – Even if you’re not a D.Va main, you have to appreciate the sleek design on the lip balm bottle here. Painted black with D.Va’s iconic bunny, you’ll be yelling ‘winky face’ at all your friends when they notice your un-chapped lips.

Polymer Pins – These handmade polymer pins feature four heroes from the game: Tracer, Mercy, Mei, and D.Va. Pin them to your bag or lanyard, and keep them around wherever you go.

Character Mug – Can’t decide which hero you like best? Here’s a mug that features a character pattern with all the Overwatch heroes in their chibi forms.

Mini Caduceus Staff and Blaster – Healing is hard work, but Mercy mains should treat themselves to this cute combo kit that comes packed with tiny plywood replicas of her staff and pistol.

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