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Every New Overwatch Retribution Skin Ranked From Worst to Best


Every New Overwatch Retribution Skin Ranked From Worst to Best

Winston’s new Overwatch retribution skin is the only one we’re a little meh on. It’s too similar to the base skin, with the only addition essentially a few wires on his head and a different color palette. Poor Winston, he’s still crying out for a skin that makes him look cool.

That hair and makeup, though… Sombra has gone all Rihanna circa 2008 on us in this new retribution skin, and we’re entirely sure how we feel about it. Sassy, for sure, but there’s something about this look that’s a bit off.

Nice pun, Blizzard! Pajamei has that just got out of bed-look going on, and she’s totally rockin’ it. We can’t wait to jump into some Overwatch and don this super cute skin.

Doomfist was in need of some good skins for a while, and now we’ve had two in a row that have been pretty great. In particular, we love that Doomfist is probably the only soldier in history to wear armor that covers everywhere except his abs… because… abs.

Yes, finally an Overwatch Moira skin that nails her personality! We love this sexy but tough look for her that’s arguably her only decent alternative look from the standard skin.

Expect all the girls to swoon over this one, because Hanzo is looking seriously sharp donning his new suit. Overwatch Retribution boss-mode, confirmed.

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