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15 Best Overwatch Gaming Gift Ideas For the Holidays


15 Best Overwatch Gaming Gift Ideas For the Holidays

For the heroes in your life.

Overwatch Ugly Holiday Sweater – Priced at $45, this is the perfect apparel to get for any Overwatch lovers in your life over the winter holidays. It’s stamped with the game logo, as well as an adorable Pachimari wearing a Santa Claus hat. It’s perfect.

Overwatch D.Va Statue – If you’ve got money to spare, this D.Va statue is a gorgeous display that tank mains would absolutely love to have. It features the Korean pro-gamer perched on top of her mech, posing like she does in-game. It’ll cost you $450 though, so be prepared.

Art of Overwatch (Limited Edition) – Announced earlier this year, this art book should please any die hard fan of the game. It’s a full color book packed with beautiful illustrations of the game’s maps and characters, and the limited edition comes with a lovely clamshell cover as well.

Overwatch Snowball Plush – To get into the holiday spirit, why not surprise a friend with a plush of Mei’s adorable robot friend, Snowball? Depending on how much your friend likes Mei, however, their reaction could vary from undiluted happiness to utter terror.

Mei Yeti Slippers – With the winter season fast approaching, this pair of cute Yeti slippers could make a good gift as well. They were shown off in Mei’s animated short this year, and are sure to keep anyone’s feet warm.

Pom Beanie – If you’re looking for a holiday gift that’s not too expensive but still a good fit for the season, you can’t go wrong with Blizzard’s official Overwatch pom beanie. It’s a nice black and grey design with the game logo on it, and it’ll keep the snow out of your hair.

Genji and Zenyatta Stuffed Pillows – For fans of our favorite enlightened pair of heroes, you could consider picking up these fleece pillows patterned with Genji and Zenyatta’s faces. Perfect for those who give healing, and those who need it.

Ultimate Glasses – If you’re planning on consuming a lot of alcohol over the winter, might as well do it in style. These shot glasses are decorated with the different Ultimate symbols for the heroes, and you can buy the ones you like.

‘Nerf This’ Tote Bag – Though D.Va has been nerfed and rebalanced to hell in the past couple of months, there’s nothing quite like a tote bag that screams ‘Nerf this!’ to really show your love for the hero.

Sombra-inspired Pachimari – Forget the regular Pachimari. For this holiday season, pick up this Sombra-inspired Pachimari plush instead. It’s designed with the Sombra’s signature skull, and it looks cuter than it has any right to be.

Lifeguard McCree Peacekeeper – McCree was the talk of the town this June when the Summer Games launched. Decked out in his lifeguard outfit, his signature gun was also redesigned to look like a flare gun.

High Noon Shorts – And if you just can’t get enough of McCree, pick up these pretty High Noon shorts to go with your newly acquired flare gun as well. Along with the hero’s catchphrase, the shorts are also designed with his Deadeye logo and BAMF belt buckle.

Stainless Steel Rings – If you’re looking for something a little more subtle that you can wear on you, here are a few stainless steel rings you can take a look at. They engraved with catchphrases from the various Overwatch heroes, so you can pick your favorite.

Solider 76 Ugly Christmas Sweater – Here’s a neat item you can pick up for all those Soldier 76 mains out there. This sweater features the grumpy old hero in a Santa hat, along with the phrase, “We’re all Santas now.”

Wood Phone Cases – Another relatively inexpensive gift you can pick up, these wood engraved phone cases are pretty and subtle. Plus, you can get them for iPhones and Samsung devices, along with the design of your favorite hero.

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