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All 21 Overwatch Heroes You Can Play As


All 21 Overwatch Heroes You Can Play As

Which one will you choose?

Overwatch has arrived and brings 21 characters to the fray for players to choose from. Split between four different categories- offensive, defensive, support, and tank- each hero has their own specific abilities which will suit a different style of play.

Of course, choosing your character shouldn’t just come down to your personal preference, but which is the best fit for the characters chosen by the rest of your team. If you’ve all picked offensive or tank characters, you might find it difficult when your backs are up against the ropes. Finding the right composition for your team will be rough, as more and more players pick up different heroes and suss out their offensive or defensive strengths. Figuring out your own hero preference will be an adventure as well, with the nearly two dozen characters each designed with a unique personality, backstory, and arsenal of abilities. Whether you choose to run around as a merciful healer or maniacal shooter, there’s something in Overwatch for you.

So with Overwatch fresh out of the blocks, let’s give you a quick introduction to all of the faces you’ll be seeing quite a lot of during your time with the game. Let us know who you’ll be playing.


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