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NBA 2K18: Top 20 Best Player Ratings

NBA 2k18 Best Player Ratings

NBA 2K18: Top 20 Best Player Ratings

NBA 2K18: Top 20 Best Player Ratings

OK let’s start this off by admitting something. There are actually 21 players on this list. There were too many ties for 88, and having it be the top 21 best player ratings just sounded silly. Oh and yeah, Nikola Jokic from the Nuggests, good player. He’s done lots of good Center things this season for a team that will finish around .500, not make it in the West, but would have been like a 4 seed in the East.

Sadly Rudy will be missing his bud Gordon Hayward this season who is now on the Celtics, but the Gobert and the Jazz should still be half way decent without him.

Speaking of Hayward, he joins a Celtics that may or may not have Kyrie Irving and may or may not be able to compete with Lebron and the Cavs this season. Probably not either way, but hey the Celtics are definitely a lot better with Hayward partnered up with his old college coach than not.

He might only be an 88 in NBA 2K18, but he’s the number 1 rated crotch shottter in our hearts.

So Isaiah Thomas might be on the Cavs now? But he also might not be. We honestly have no idea because at the time of the writing, that trade is still up in the following the news that Thomas may still be reeling from a hip injury.

Lillard is the main reason that an otherwise OK Trail Blazers team is actually able to scare teams on occasion, so good for him getting that almost 90 rating in 2K18 this season.

NBA 2K18: Top 20 Best Player Ratings

The Raptors are one of many teams stuck in eternal Eastern Conference purgatory because of Lebron and the Cavs, but don’t blame DeMar DeRozan, he’s as solid as they come.

Marc Gasol quietly continues to play at a high level year after year in Memphis and earns his 89 player rating.

As a person who couldn’t care less about the Wizards, I wish I could see Wall play for a team that is relevant because he is so damn good. He’s recently locked himself into the Wizards for a few more years so let’s see if they can make a splash during that time when Lebron either leaves or starts looking old at least.

The other major part of the mysterious Cavs – Celtics trade, Kyrie was supposed to be going to Boston to rival his former team, but that trade is very much in the air now.

Will this be the year the Timberwolves finally break free and Karl-Anthony Towns actually gets to play for a contender. On paper they certainly look fearsome, but we’ll have to see if HC Tom Thibodeau can make Towns and newly acquired Jimmy Butler work together.

Arguably the biggest shock of the off-season until the maybe not happening now Cavs – Celtics trade, George will be off to play with Westbrook this season to form a “big 2” that might be able to compete for a two seed.

Speaking of competing for a two seed in the West, Paul and the Rockets not only want that at the least, but they are going to be gunning for the Warriors 1 seed as well. Good luck with that I guess.

The Greek freak actually makes the Bucks exciting to watch and for that he deserves whatever rating the NBA 2K18 Czars want to give him.

On paper, NOLA looks fearsome with a 1-2 punch that includes Boogie Cousins and Anthony Davis, but the rest of the team is a huge question mark.

The Pelicans are going for an old-school double center make up, we’ll have to see how it works out now that Cousins and Davis actually had an off season to practice together.

Bold prediction for this season: Steph Curry will hit a lot of three pointers and the Warriors will be very good.

Russell Westbrook averaged a freaking triple double last season, won a MVP award, but for some reason, I still feel like he doesn’t get enough respect. NBA 2K18 hit him up with a 94 rating this season at least.

The best two-way player in the league (TM) falls just shy of two other major stars in NBA 2K18.

Kevin Durant has his championship ring now, so we’ll see if he and the Warriors come out just as thirsty this year now that they don’t have a revenge tour to fuel them.

No surprise. Until we all see something to make us think otherwise, Lebron James is, and will be the best player in the NBA for years to come.

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