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Top 15 Most Annoying Pokemon We Wish Didn’t Exist

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Top 15 Most Annoying Pokemon We Wish Didn’t Exist

Be gone, annoying Pokemon!

Aegislash – With its King’s Shield signature move protecting Aegislash from any physical damage, this dumb shield and sword ‘mon becomes incredibly powerful and tricky to fight. Plus, its ability to switch stances and bolster its Attack when on the offensive and Defense when taking damage makes it a slow slog to defeat.

Landoras-T – Ahh Landorus-T, one of the most overused Pokemon in competitive meta. With its U-Turn and Intimidate combo leading (eventually) to a ton of chip damage while also weakening your Attack stat, Landoras is a tricky ‘mon to beat. Top it off with a high Sp. Attack stat and powerful moves like Extrasensory and Earth Power and this Pokemon is just a straight nope. I mean, just why Intimidate on a legendary?

Snover – Snover isn’t a pain to fight because it’s OP, but because of that damn annoying Hail animation the game would play every time you encountered one. Combine that with the fact that Snover were super common and you’d spend half of your DS’ battery just watching that infuriating Hail animation.

Unown – Unown is just pointless. It’s a weak Pokemon, it doesn’t do anything exciting, and there are 26 variants because why the hell not? Unown is a completionist’s worst nightmare and an utter waste of time to go after.

Shedinja – Shedinja isn’t fun to use or even face off against. With its 1HP, it’s easy to eliminate… if you have the right moves. Its Wonder Guard ability means it can’t be hurt by any attacks unless it’s weak to that specific type. If you don’t have the right moves, Shedinja is unbeatable.

Graveler – Cast your mind back to your first few encounters with Graveler. They all went down the same way, right? Those dumb rock monsters just exploded in your face and wiped out your Pokemon’s health bar, didn’t they? Don’t worry, it happened to all of us. Screw you, Graveler!

Chansey – Chansey is a pain to face competitively. It’s an unstoppable Special Attack tank thanks to the infuriating Soft-Boiled recovery move and lethal Seismic Toss. Don’t let its looks deceive you, Chansey is a monster that must be stopped.

Regigigas – Regigigas is such a frustrating Pokemon to catch. At first, you’re overjoyed because of its massive stats. Soon enough, though, you realize it’s pretty terrible because of its Slow Start ability which halves its Attack and Speed. A cool and powerful Pokemon rendered useless by its dumb ability.

Delibird – Delibird sucks. It has one learned move by level up, has awful stats, and yet, for some reason, is stupidly rare. Its signature move, Present, gambles dealing damage or healing the target. Stop trying to be Santa and just fight already!

Golbat – Golbat – the pigeon of the Pokemon series’ caves. These things are everywhere and just love to mess up your day with Confuse Ray, Poison Fang, or even worse, Mean Look. With the added problem of its higher level and HP than the Zubat it evolves from, Golbat needs to just leave us the hell alone and let us get through caves already.

Tentacool – Everyone hates Tentacool for the same reason. Trying to get over to Cinnabar Island in Kanto for the first time becomes 30 minutes of the Tentacool show. They get all up in your face, poison your Pokemon, and then another comes around and does it all over again. Tentacool makes the list purely for the amount of money we spent on damn Antidotes and Potions.

Magikarp – Seriously, what is the point in Magikarp? Just cut the crap and let Gyrados be its own thing, it doesn’t need this splashing, common af fish haunting its past. What’s worse, after finally getting the Super Rod, you’d still just catch a ton of these. This is for all of those wasted hours fishing, Magikarp.

Jigglypuff – All Jigglypuff does is uses Sing to send your Pokemon to sleep and then Double Slaps the crap out of them. If you don’t get in first, you’re screwed. Plus, the tiny chip damage longs out the whole process. If you see Jigglypuff, run like your life depends on it.

Abra – If you don’t catch an Abra immediately, it’ll probably use Teleport and immediately get away. Then, if you did catch one, it was a total pain to train up if you didn’t have EXP share. C’mon Abra, all you needed to do was learn Tackle or Scratch.

Shaymin (Sky Forme) – In its Sky forme, Shaymin becomes a nightmarish Pokemon to face off against. With Serene Grace as its ability, Air Slash has a 60% chance of making the target flinch. If it lands a Sweet Kiss, too, you’ll have to deal with confusion for 1-4 turns, too. Oh, and if all that wasn’t enough it’s incredibly fast meaning it’ll likely get its attack in first.

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