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Meet the Voice Actors of the Attack on Titan Video Game Cast

attack on titan

Meet the Voice Actors of the Attack on Titan Video Game Cast

Put some faces to your favorite soldiers… and Titans.

Eren Jaeger is the primary protagonist of Attack on Titan. He vows to take out the Titan threat and is voiced masterfully by his Japanese anime voice actor, Yuki Kaji.

Mikasa is everyone’s favorite soldier (whether they admit it or not). Yui Ishikawa reprises her role as this amazing fighter.

Marina Inoue voices the tactical genius that is Armin Arlet.

You’ll only see her for a short while, but her love serves as a major catalyst for Eren’s future. Yoshino Takamori brings this mother to life in Attack on Titan.

Christa Lenz is one of Attack on Titan’s more mysterious characters and everyone in the series loves her. Christa is voiced by Shiori Mikami.

Ymir is yet another mysterious character who can often be found doting on Christa. Saki Fijita reprises her role as this Scouting Regiment soldier.

If you haven’t seen the anime, read the manga, or played any Attack on Titan games, we won’t spoil who Annie Leonhart is. Just know she’s awesome, very important, and is voiced by the talented Yu Shimamura.

Reiner is big, strong, and determined to protect anyone by his side. He’s voiced by his anime voice actor, Yoshimasa Hosoya.

Bertholdt is Reiner’s right-hand man and is voiced by Tomohisa Hashizume.

Sasha Braus is one of the most charismatic characters in Attack on Titan. Her love of food and penchant for being insanely polite made her a hit with friends. She’s voiced by Yu Kobayashi.

Marco Bodt is everyone’s favorite dead person. Nobody knows how he got so popular, but many fans still feel his loss. He’s voiced by Ryota Osaka in the anime and the brand new game.

Connie Springer may not be big and strong, but he’s clever and very quick. Hiro Shimono brings this diminutive soldier to life.

Kisho Taniyam voices Jean, the kid with a bad attitude who ends up being more reliable than fans could’ve imagined.

Keiji Fijiwara voices Hannes. He served as a father figure and friend to Eren, Mikasa, and Armin after the events that kicked off Attack on Titan.

Keith Shadis is the man who whips everyone into shape before they choose their military branch. Though he has a seriously scary face, he’s voiced by the kind-faced Tsuguo Mogami.

Yet another scary looking character who is voiced by a cool looking human being, Kitz Woermann is played by Tomoyuki Shimura.

Dot Pixis is voiced by Masahiko Tanaka. He is wise and understanding, and he is often calm and pensive. Although, that calm nature may come from his secret flask that he sips on the job.

Levi is the best soldier in the military, a fact that nobody dares to dispute. The only person even close is Mikasa. The short, yet insanely powerful, captain is voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya.

Petra Ral is part of the Levi Squad and is voiced by Natsuki Aikawa.

Another member of the Levi Squad, Auruo Bossard takes pride in his kill record, and tries to emulate Levi in every way. He’s voiced by Shinji Kawada.

Eld is second in command of the Levi Squad and is voiced by Susumu Chiba.

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