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Meet the Voice Actors of Gears 5’s Voice Cast

gears 5

Meet the Voice Actors of Gears 5’s Voice Cast

Laura Bailey – Kait Diaz

Few actresses in the voice acting industry have as long and prolific of a resume as Laura Bailey. Since starting out doing voice work in the Dragonball anime as Chi-Chi back in 1986, Bailey has lent her voice to over 400+ roles across anime, television, and gaming. She returns as Kait in Gears 5. 

Image Credit: IMBD & Gears of War Fandom

John DiMaggio – Marcus Fenix

One of the gruffest, toughest voices to ever grace the voice acting industry, John Dimaggio returns to the Gears series again as Marcus Fenix. Outside of video games, this veteran voice actor is also known in cartoons as the voice of Bender in Futurama and Jake the Dog in Adventure Time. 

Image Credit: IMBD & Epic Games

Liam McIntyre – JD Fenix

Liam McIntyre is well known to Starz television subscribers, as the Aussie actor landed a huge role back in 2012 as Spartacus in the television series Spartacus: Vengeance and Spartacus: War of the Damned. Gears 5 sees him return once again as JD, the son of Legendary COG Soldier Marcus Fenix.

Image Credit: IMBD & Gears of War Fandom

Eugene Byrd- Del Walker

The third and final member of the trio returning after their debut in Gears of War 4, Eugene Byrd is back as Del Walker. Byrd has played characters on a lot of television shows, including Bones, Arrow, Heroes, and Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 

Image Credit: IMBD & Gears of War Fandom

Angel Desai – First Minister Jinn

It takes a stern and commanding voice to play someone like First Minister Jinn in the Gears of War series, and that is exactly what Angel Desai has been known for across her career. She has starred in many TV roles, including Linda Chao in Jessica Jones, Candida in Being Mary Jane, and a myriad of roles in the Law & Order series. 

Image Credit: IMBD & Gears of War Fandom

Al Rodrigo – Oscar Diaz

As a veteran of over 30 years in the film industry, Al Rodrigo has recently been exploring acting roles within the video game industry. Gears 5 is his biggest role yet, as he plays Kait Diaz’s uncle, Oscar Diaz. Rodrigo replaces Jimmy Smits, who voiced the character in Gears of War 4. 

Image Credit: IMBD & Gears of War Fandom

Carolyn Seymour – Queen Myrrah

While the Locust and elegance aren’t usually used in the same sentence, there is no doubt that Carolyn Seymour’s British voice brings it to Queen Myrrah when she returns for the role in Gears 5. If she sounds familiar for video game fans, it’s likely due to her work as Dr. Chakwas in the Mass Effect series or for her numerous roles in the Star Wars games. 

Image Credit: IMBD & Gears of War Fandom

Fred Tatasciore – Damon Baird

Everyone’s favorite smartass technician graces Gears 5, as Fred Tatasciore voices Damon Baird again. He is known for plenty of other video game roles, playing multiple voices in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order. 

Image Credit: IMBD & Gears of War Fandom

Justina Machado – Reyna Diaz

Since 1993, Justina Machado has had a lot of entertainment roles, ranging from The Purge: Anarchy (Movie) to One Day at a Time (TV).  To date, Reyna Diaz is the only role she has played in video games though, voicing the character in Gears of War 4 and Gears 5. 

Image Credit: IMBD & Gears of War Fandom

Lester Speight – Augustus Cole

The Cole-Train is back in the station and you can bet that none other than Lester Speight is back to voice Augustus Cole. Alongside providing the iconic voice behind the fan favorite Gears of War character, he has been typecast in movies as a big bruiser, playing roles like Baphomet in Faster, Blue Latimore in Norbit, and Eddie in Transformer: Dark of the Moon. 

Image Credit: IMBD & Epic Games

Rahul Kohli – Fahz Chutani

One of the newest, and most interesting, characters to appear in Gears 5 is Fahz Chutani, who is voiced by Rahul Kohli. The actor is best known for his work on the TV show iZombie as Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti, as well as his multiple guest appearances on the Video Game entertainment YouTube channel Funhaus. 

Image Credit: IMBD & Gears of War Fandom

Robin Atkin Downs – Niles Samson

That’s right No More Heroes fans, the voice of Travis Touchdown himself is in Gears 5, voicing the inhumane scientist, Niles Samson. He has provided plenty of voices for the series alongside Samson, including Minh Young Kim, Chaps, and a handful of Locust enemies. 

Image Credit: Convention Spotter

Trisha Miller – I.R.I.S

While Trisha Miller may not have the most acting experience of the talented roster of voices in the game, she has garnered an impressive resume for video game voice acting over the last few years. Since starting out as Elliot’s Wife in Gears of War Judgement back in 2013, she’s played Deborah Kraft in Battlefield Hardlines, Agent Settile in Gears of War 4, and now I.R.I.S in Gears 5. 

Image Credit: IMDB

Sumalee Montano – Lahni Kaliso

Lahni Kaliso is a veteran of the Locust Wars, serving as one of the fierce, combat-tested characters in all of Gears 5. As such, it makes sense to have a voice actor in the role that is just as tenacious. After a career as an investment banking analyst, Sumalee Montano transitioned to Hollywood, lending her voice to over 100 animated TV shows and a lot of well-known movies. 

Image Credit: IMBD & Gears of War Fandom

Michael Gough – Clayton Carmine

The unkillable Clayton Carmine has survived to make it in another Gears title, once again voiced by Michael Gough. When he isn’t providing death screams as one of the Carmine siblings, Gough is best known for his work as Captain James Gordon in Batman Origins and Captain Price in the Call of Duty series. 

Image Credit: IMBD & Gears of War Fandom

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