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10 Marvel Universe Gift Ideas Fans Will Love for Holidays 2018

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10 Marvel Universe Gift Ideas Fans Will Love for Holidays 2018

10 Holiday Gift Ideas Marvel Universe Fans Will Love

It’s been an amazing year for Marvel fans, with the Cinematic Universe celebrating 10 years of amazing films. Not only did we finally get Black Panther and the Ant-Man sequel, but also the highly-anticipated Infinity War. Things are ramping up for 2019, with Captain Marvel slated for early next year and the fourth Avengers film to follow shortly afterward. That said, what better way to end the year with these 10 holiday gift ideas Marvel Universe fans will love?

Limited Edition PS4 Pro Spider-Man Bundle

Marvel has just reached another milestone in the gaming scene with the release of Spider-Man on the PS4. If you know someone who’s been itching to play this game, why not get them the decked out PS4 version instead? Not only does this bundle come with the game, but also a crimson red PS4 with the iconic Spider-Man symbol etched on the top.

MCU Collector’s Edition Box Sets

We’ve gotten tons of epic Marvel films over the past 10 years. From the first Iron-Man to Civil Wars, you can catch up on all of them with the Phase 1, 2, and 3 part 1 Blu Ray DVDs. Phase 1 spans from Iron Man 1 up until the first Avengers film, while Phase 2 starts with Iron Man 3 and stops at Ant-Man. Finally, the Phase 3 part 1 starts with Captain America: Civil War and ends with Thor: Ragnarok. These box sets are sure to make the perfect holiday gift for any MCU fan.

Sideshow Collectibles Figurines

Those who love collecting Marvel figurines will want to take a look at this. Sideshow Collectibles has been shelling out these beautiful statues of our favorite Marvel heroes. These figurines are extremely detailed and are sure to spruce up any desk or shelf. There’s a figurine for just about every MCU character you can think of, making for an amazing holiday gift.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Marvel Comics Omnibus

Apart from movies, the MCU has also gotten its fair share of comic tie-ins over the past few years. To celebrate the franchise’s 10th anniversary, they’ve bundled up the first ten years of MCU history in this comic compendium. It’s not only a great way to recap all of your favorite Marvel moments but also acts as a great entry for those who have been wanting to read comics.

Monopoly Avengers Game

This is a board game with a Marvel twist, as Monopoly has teamed up with the comics for a new take on the property game. Here, you can play as one of your favorite Avengers as you make your way around the board saving locations and collecting power-ups instead of hoarding money. If you’re planning on giving someone a board game as a holiday gift, why not this Avengers-themed Monopoly game instead?

Captain America Waffle Maker

Waffles makers and Captain America – what else is there to say? This nifty kitchen gadget is a great way to brighten anyone’s morning (and it’s great with the kids, too). It’s easy to operate and can bake 6″ waffles. You really can’t go wrong with giving this to a Marvel fan as a holiday gift.

Marvel Christmas Sweater

Nothing screams more “holiday gift” than a Christmas sweater. While there are tons of generic designs out there, nothing comes close to this cool Marvel pullover. It’s the perfect gift to keep someone warm over the holidays and looks pretty snazzy, too. Not to mention that it’ll make a great outfit for any Marvel movie in the coming months.

Dancing Groot Speakers

Who could forget the real star of Guardians of the Galaxy – Baby Groot. The little guy’s got tons of merch, but this one is probably the coolest (and cutest) out of all of them. The dancing Groot speakers are perfect for any party and even comes with a bopping Groot. You seriously can’t get any cuter than this, folks.

Infinity Gauntlet

This wouldn’t be a real Marvel holiday gift guide without the Infinity Gauntlet. This otherworldly weapon is Thanos’s weapon on choice, holding the power to balance the universe. While you won’t have as much power, this gauntlet still looks pretty badass and even has pulsating Infinity Stones. This is a perfect holiday gift for any Marvel fan, really.

Eye of Agamotto

The Eye of Agamotto is one of Doctor Strange’s many wondrous gadgets and is perhaps his most valuable one. If you’re looking for a replica to give as a gift, you can go wrong with this officially licensed product. It’s scaled exactly like the one in the movie and is packaged in a snazzy Marvel collectibles box. Any Marvel fan would definitely want this as a holiday gift.

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