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Meet the Voice Actors of Life Is Strange: True Colors’ Voice Cast

Life is Strange True Colors Voice Actors

Meet the Voice Actors of Life Is Strange: True Colors’ Voice Cast

Deck Nine and Square Enix recently revealed the voice cast for Life Is Strange: True Colors, so here’s a list of the voice actors behind each of the main characters in the upcoming sequel.

Alex – Erika Mori

Life Is Strange True Colors Voice Actors

Erika Mori is playing the role of the player character, Alex, and this is her first video game voice acting role. She has plenty of theatre acting credits to her name, though, so we’re looking forward to what she’ll bring in this performance.

Image Source: Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company

Gabe – Han Soto

Life Is Strange True Colors Voice Actors

Han Soto plays Alex’s estranged brother, Gabe. This will be his first major game role, but Soto also has several live-action credits under his belt, including his current role of Pham Minh Thao on Netflix’s Cobra Kai.

Image Source: IMDB

Steph – Katy Bentz

This is a familiar face for most fans, with Katy Bentz reprising her role as Steph from Life Is Strange: Before the Storm. This time around, players will be seeing much more of her.

Image Source:

Ryan – Eric Emery

Life Is Strange True Colors Voice Actors

Ryan is the other love interest in the game, and he’s played by Eric Emery. This seems to be Emery’s first major voice acting role, but he’ll have plenty of opportunities to showcase his talents here.

Charlotte – Exzinia Scott

Charlotte has made appearances in a couple of trailers already, and she’s being played by Exzinia Scott. Scott is an up-and-coming actress who has a few TV appearances, and this is also her first acting role in a game.

Image Source: IMDB

Riley – Danielle Renee Vivarttas

Life Is Strange True Colors Voice Actors

We’re now entering the territory of characters that we haven’t yet seen very much of. Danielle Renee Vivarttas plays Riley in True Colors. The actress has plenty of credits in live-action shorts that date back to 2007.

Image Source: Donna Baldwin Agency

Mac – Dwight Braswell

Dwight Braswell is voicing Mac in this Life Is Strange sequel. He doesn’t have any previous video game voice work, so it’ll be interesting to see what he brings to this character.

Eleanor – Karen Slack

Life Is Strange True Colors Voice Actors

Eleanor is voiced by Karen Slack. She’s yet another actress who has a number of theatre credits to her name. She’s also been in a few short films, so she’ll be bringing her acting experience to the role of Eleanor.

Image Source: Radical Artists Agency

Jed – Stephen F. Austin

Stephen F. Austin has a few TV and film roles as well, with a notable one being Kazanjian Kenneth in Better Call Saul. He’ll be lending his voice to Jed in True Colors.

Image Source: IMDB

Ethan – Ignacio Garcia-Canteli

Life Is Strange True Colors Voice Actors

Ignacio Garcia-Canteli is a young actor, and the role of Ethan in True Colors will be his video game voice acting debut.

Image Source: Facebook

‘Duckie’ – Jim Hunt

‘Duckie’ seems like a character who will have plenty of stories to tell, and he’ll be played by Jim Hunt. Hunt doesn’t have any other credits or past roles, so this will be his debut as well.

Diane – Anastasia Davidson

Life Is Strange True Colors Voice Actors

Diane is played by Anastasia Davidson, an actress with many theatre performances and a couple of live-action shorts on her resume. However, this is her first step into game voice acting.

Image Source: Anastasia

Pike – Cody Lyman

Cody Lyman plays Pike in Life Is Strange: True Colors, and he’s the last of the human cast on this list. Not much is known about Pike, but he appears to be a ranger or officer of some sort.

Valkyrie – Suzu the cat

Last, but certainly not least, we have Valkyrie the cat played by Suzu the cat. This is sure to be a breakout role for our feline friend here, and we can’t wait to hear all the lines in the full game.

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