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Lara Croft Clones Exist, They Are These Tomb Raider Cosplayers

lara croft tomb raider cosplay

Lara Croft Clones Exist, They Are These Tomb Raider Cosplayers

The best Lara Crofts from around the world.

the best lara croft cosplay for tomb raider fans

looking for the best lara croft cosplay on the internet? check out our gallery of the best tomb raider cosplay from around the world, featuring over a dozen cosplayers and their unique costume creations. these cosplays also include lara croft outfits from across the series, all the way from the recent reboots like rise of the tomb raider to older titles like underworld. there’s climbing lara croft cosplay, diving, shooting, jumping, and sliding lara croft cosplay.

let us know which tomb raider picture is your favorite, and which cosplayer did the iconic heroin justice, in the comments below. and while there are hundreds of fan creations around the world, these are the very best lara croft cosplays we could find out there.

hopefully you like these cosplays more than I like today. They’re as sick as I am. that was a joke, about tomb raider stuff. but aside from my health and the utmost failure of my immune system this week, we here at twinfinite hope that these crofts make your day. feel free to check out our many other cosplay collections, and as always, stay tuned for more gaming news, reviews, and features.


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