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6 Incredible, Tiny Details That Bring Battlefield V’s WWII to Life

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6 Incredible, Tiny Details That Bring Battlefield V’s WWII to Life

Battlefield V didn’t quite live up to our expectations, but there’s no denying that it’s an absolutely breathtaking game. Here are 6 incredible, tiny details that brought Battlefield V‘s WWII to life.

Incredible, Tiny Details That Bring Battlefield V’s WWII to Life

Reload Animations

DICE has always had an eye for detail with the Battlefield games, and we’ve continued to be impressed by how intricate the reload animations are in Battlefield V. For most of the guns in the game, the reload time can be a bit on the slow side, but they’re extremely detailed as you can watch your character literally eject a clip or the top bullet before inserting a fresh one. Some of the larger machine guns can overheat as well if you don’t let up, and your character will manually change the gun’s barrel before reloading to continue firing.

Character Animations

As incredible as the reloading animations are in Battlefield V, we also have to give props to DICE for paying attention to the way your character moves as well. Despite being a first-person shooter game, it’s still nice to be able to see believable character animations when looking at other players and NPCs in Battlefield V. Characters will press up against the wall when they’re taking cover, and lift their knees higher when running through a flooded marsh or waterlogged area. It seems minor, but these are the little details that truly bring the game’s war zone to life and make you feel like you’re actually on a battlefield.

Vehicle Damage Is Actually Noticeable

Most games would have their vehicles explode and quickly despawn into nothingness once you’ve destroyed them, but in Battlefield V, the damage you do is actually noticeable and tangible. For instance, when you shoot a plane in the sky you’ll see it start to catch fire before a small explosion. And when it crashes into the ground, if you’re quick enough, you can watch it explode again and admire your handiwork. Similarly, tanks have very noticeable mortar damage on their hulls when you fire at them.

Your Character Keeps Track of Your Kills

One of the tinier details you probably wouldn’t have noticed in Battlefield V is the fact that your character will count your kills aloud if you go on a kill streak. It’s very subtle, but if you listen closely, they’ll start to count up with each kill, which is a nice way to help players keep track of how many kills they’ve gotten so far. It’s another minor detail that most probably won’t notice, but it’s nice to feel like your character is actively aware of what’s going on in combat, and reacts accordingly to that.

That Whale

The whale that shows up in the Narvik map in Battlefield V was featured quite prominently in the game’s promotional materials, but it’s still a cool details that helps to breathe life into the war-torn battlefield. When you’re not caught up in a firefight on Narvik, take some time to survey the water and you might find the whale swimming beneath the surface. Occasionally, it’ll emerge or it might spout water every now and then. The whale is actually one of the most impressive details of Battlefield V, as a lot of work has clearly gone into animating this thing, and it does wonders for adding to player immersion.

The Detailed Environment

Finally, we have to give a shout out to just how gorgeous the entire game looks. The Frostbite engine has been known to produce beautiful games, including Battlefield 1 and the FIFA entries. Battlefield V features all sorts of cool environmental details, from the way the little flecks of snow will whip around your screen when it’s windy, to the way the sparks fly off the metal when you fire a gun at a tank. That’s not even to mention the incredible lighting effects, which really lend a sense of realism to Battlefield V’s various locales, whether it’s a desert or a lush jungle.

And that does it for all the tiny details that really help to bring Battlefield V to life. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more on Battlefield V.

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