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Here’s What Comic Book Superhero Each Overwatch Character Would Be


Here’s What Comic Book Superhero Each Overwatch Character Would Be

Heroes, heroes, and more heroes!

The pink haired bodybuilder of Overwatch would definitely make for a good Wonder Woman. She’s got the muscles for it, and her particle cannon works much like Diana’s lasso in that it pulls enemies in…to their doom. Plus, she gave up everything to protect her people, and if that isn’t a superhero move, we don’t know what is. Winston may lack the telepathic powers or drive for murder that Grodd does, but they still could be cut from the same cloth. Except, Grodd probably doesn’t like bananas, depending on which continuity you’re working with.

The face of Overwatch is all about time travel, not unlike a certain superhero calling himself the Fastest Man Alive. Granted, she doesn’t completely wreck the time stream like Barry Allen does–at least, not yet–but she’s still pretty zippy and can pack a heck of a punch. Plus, she’d look good in red and yellow. Sharing last names aside, the Spirit of Vengeance and Edgelord Supreme do share some similarities. Their skull faces and affinity for black leather is chief among them, and it’s not too hard to imagine that if they swapped weapons for a bit, they’d be proficient with them. Reaper would probably ditch the Charger for the Rider’s classic motorcycle, though…It would be easy to say that 76 could be Cyclops, given his visor. But Cyke is currently dead, spoiler alert, and Jack Morrison’s pursuit of justice and the truth makes him much more closer to Steve Rogers. Minus the whole thing where he’s a Nazi, of course.

The newest Overwatch character may not be as destructive as Lunella Lafayette’s time-hopped T-Rex, but she’s equally as adorable. The interactions between the two of them would be really cute and hilarious, and Efi and Lunella would certainly go off and do science together. Because superhero.

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