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Meet the Voice Actors of Tales of Berseria’s English Cast

Tales of Berseria

Meet the Voice Actors of Tales of Berseria’s English Cast

A face to the voice.

Tales of Berseria

Velvet – Cristina Valenzuela

Cristina Valenzuela, known by her stage name Cristina Vee, has a long history of voice acting in animation and video games. You might recognize her as Rei Hino/ Sailor Mars in Sailor Moon Crystal, Mosquito Girl in One Punch Man, or as the voice of Shantae in the Shantae video game series. She plays the protagonist of Tales of Berseria, Velvet Crowe.

Laphicet Crowe – Abby Trott

Abby Trott’s experience is particularly founded in anime, as she voiced Veronica in The Seven Deadly Sins and Miss Monochrome in the show of the same name. She’s also worked in video games, however, voicing Kim Wu in the new Killer Instinct. In Berseria she plays the role of Laphicet Crowe, Velvet’s brother.

Rokurou – Benjamin Diskin

Ben Diskin is yet another actor with a huge list of work in both anime and video games. He was the voice of Miller in Halo 4, and surprisingly voiced Nigel Uno in the Cartoon Network show Kids Next Door. In Tales of Berseria he plays the part of Rokurou Rangetsu, a daemon swordsman and member of the party.

Eleanor – Erica Mendez

Erica Mendez has been doing voice acting for anime and video games since 2010. Her most recent roles include Yuuki in Sword Art Online II, Tsubaki in Your Lie In April, and Leon in Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book. She plays the role of Eleanor Hume in Berseria, a praetor of the exorcists and one of the main party members.

Magilou – Erica Lindbeck

You may know Erica Lindbeck best from recent roles in anime and video games. She played Jericho in The Seven Deadly Sins, Yuki Kaizuka in Aldnoah.Zero, and she’s even playing Futaba Sakura in the upcoming Persona 5. Linbeck plays Magilou in Berseria, an eccentric and mysterious witch who’s a party member.

Bienfu and Seres – Monica Rial

Monica Rial has an enormous history in anime, but you may know her best as Bulma from Dragon Ball Z. She wasn’t the original actress for the character, but took over the role form Dragon Ball Z Kai and onward. Rial plays two characters in Berseria, the Malak named Seres and the Normin named Bienfu, who functions as a kind of mascot character.

Artorius Collbrande – Ray Chase

You probably know Ray Chase from one of 2016’s biggest titles, where he played Noctis in Final Fantasy XV. Although that may be his biggest role, he has a long list of work in video games, including the recently released Kingdom Hearts 2.8. In Tales of Berseria he plays the game’s main villain, the exorcist Artorius.


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