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Here are the Voice Actors of Berserk and the Band of the Hawk’s Cast

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Here are the Voice Actors of Berserk and the Band of the Hawk’s Cast

The voices of the never ending battle.

Guts – Hiroaki Iwanaga

Guts is the main protagonist of Berserk and the Band of the Hawk and the character you’ll spend the majority of your time as in the beginning. He’s brought to life by Hiroaki Iwanaga.

Griffith/Femto/Hawk of Light – Takahiro Sakurai

All three forms of Griffith are voiced by Takahiro Sakurai. Griffith is the founder of the Band of the Hawk, as well as a major protagonist and antagonist in the series.

Casca/ Demon Infant – Toa Yukinari

Casca is a commander of the Hawks, and becomes the leader. She’s central to the plot of Berserk and the Band of the Hawk as one of the main protagonists of the series.

Judeau – Yuki Kaji

Judeau is one of the prominent members of the Hawks and also one of the kinder members of the group. He’s voiced by Yuki Kaji.

Serpico/Beast of Darkness – Kazuyuki Okitsu

Serpico is the right hand to Lady Farnese, the leader of the Holy Iron Chain Knights. He’s a highly skilled swordsman who becomes a great ally.

Schierke – Chiwa Saito

Schierke may be small in stature, but she’s a powerful witch who uses nature itself to help Guts and his friends. She’s voiced by Chiwa Saito.

Flora – Sumi Shimamoto

Flora is a powerful witch who was Schierke’s teacher. She is more than what she seems, though, and has ties to several major characters in Berserk and the Band of the Hawk, including the mysterious Skeleton Knight.

Zodd – Kenta Miyake

Zodd is a powerful swordsman and one of the first Apostles you’ll meet in Berserk and the Band of the Hawk. He’s an odd one who is just looking for a good fight rather than sticking around. He’s voiced by Kenta Miyake.

Wyald – Kunihiro Kawamoto

Wyald is an odd man. He’s a sadistic general who likes nothing more than to inflict pain on others. He also happens to be an Apostle making him one of the more dangerous enemies in Berserk and the Band of the Hawk.

Skeleton Knight – Akio Otsuka

Skeleton Knight may look like some ultimate villain, but he’s actually one of the main protagonists as well as one of the more understanding individuals in the Berserk universe.

Rickert – Minako Kotobuki

Rickert is a member of the Hawks and one of the few survivors of the eclipse. He ends up serving as an apprentice to Godo, the blacksmith that takes care of Guts’ gear.

Pippin – Takahiro Fujiwara

Pippin is the large, lovable member of the Hawks. He’s a stoic defender of those around him and can really put the hurts on someone in a battle.

Corkus – Yoshirou Matsumoto

Corkus is rude and obnoxious, but he does know how to respect those who earn it, although he does need to pay less attention to the ladies and more to the battles.

Gaston – Kazuki Yao

Gaston is the last of the core group of Hawks, and he served as a powerful support to Griffith and his fellow commanders.

Charlotte – Aki Toyosaki

Charlotte is the princess of the Midland Kingdom and the love interest of Griffith. It is because of his love for her that the fate of the Hawks takes a tumultuous turn.

Farnese – Yoko Hikasa

Lady Farnese is the leader of the Holy Iron Chain Knights putting her at odds with Guts. Yet after the events of the Eclipse and what she witnesses as part of the Holy See, she begins to falter in her faith and wonder what path she should follow.

Isidro – Hiro Shimono

Isidro is a young thief who decides to follow the Black Swordsman in order to become powerful on his own. It seems at first that he’s just there for comedic relief, but he really wants to learn and grow.

Puck – Kaoru Mizuhara

Puck is an elf who decides to join Guts on his adventure. He’s powerful in his own way and is full of jokes.

Ivalera – Satomi Arai

Void/Godo – Takashi Inagaki

Void is one of the members of the God Hand, the demonic kings who serve the Idea of Evil. He’s also the arch-nemesis of the Skeleton Knight although the reasons for that are mysterious. He is voiced by Takashi Inagaki who also happens to voice Godo the blacksmith.

Conrad/Mozgus/Adon/Julius – Rikiya Koyama

Conrad is another member of the God Hand, and he shares his voice actor, Rikiya Koyama, with quite a few other villains in Berserk and the Band of the Hawk. These include Mozgus, the insane priest, and Julius, the sneaky uncle of Charlotte.

Ubik – Kan Tanaka

Ubik is the smallest member of the God Hand, but he may also be the most dangerous as he is the master manipulator of the bunch.

Slan – Miyuki Sawashiro

Slan is the only female member of the God Hand and relishes in the suffering of others. Torture and suffering are her game, and she will stop at nothing to watch those beneath her break and beg for mercy. Miyuki Sawashiro provides her voice in Berserk and the Band of the Hawk.

The Egg of the Perfect World – Hiroyuki Yoshino

While horrifying looking, the Egg of the Perfect World also happens to be one of the more important characters in Berserk although his presence is short-lived. He is both an Apostle and a Sacrifice, and is the center of the nightmare that is set to ensue.

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