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No Doubt These 15 Games Will Be Gifted a Ton This Christmas

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No Doubt These 15 Games Will Be Gifted a Ton This Christmas

T’is the season to be gifting!

Infinite Warfare

The Call of Duty franchise is one of the biggest names in the industry, and every year following its annual November release, the latest title is gifted an absolute ton. With a fresh take on zombies, an improved single-player campaign, and the standard multiplayer action synonymous with the series, Infinite Warfare is going to be a popular gift this Christmas.
Battlefield 1

While Infinite Warfare will be up the street of fans of the series, others will be looking to get their FPS fill in a different, more grounded setting. Battlefield 1 brings the large-scale multiplayer battles to World War I, and has a campaign of war stories that give you an insight into the lives of different soldiers across the world. Considering its positive critical reception, Battlefield 1 will be popular this gifting season.
Gears of War 4

Gears of War 4 arguably headlined Microsoft’s Xbox One exclusive lineup in 2016. With a new cast of characters that head out on a quest to save their loved ones and stop a new threat to humanity, the game sets in motion a new gory saga in the series. Every Xbox One owner is going to want this, come Christmas time.

As another annual franchise, soccer fans around the world will be eager to get their hands on FIFA 17 with its updated rosters and refined mechanics. This one’s likely to be a popular gift for soccer fans who have yet to get around to picking it up.
Skyrim: Special Edition

When Skyrim first released back in 2011, it garnered a large fan base and ever since this generation brought about a plethora of remasters and remakes, players have been clamoring for a return to the plains and mountainous terrain of Skyrim. Having released during a particularly busy couple of weeks for releases, wannabe Dovahkiin who passed on it at the end of October will surely have Skyrim: Special Edition on their wish lists.

Watch Dogs 2

A lot of people slept on Watch Dogs 2 when it released back at the start of November. Perhaps it was because of the busy release schedule, or because they’d been burned by its predecessor. However, with all other major releases for 2016 out of the way, gamers will have the time to finally check it out.

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 may not have sold as well as both EA and Respawn expected it to, but it did release to a warm reception. Having expanded on the solid foundations of its predecessor, and it seeing significant price drops over Black Friday weekend, it’s likely a lot of players could be receiving Titanfall 2 this Christmas.
Sun and Moon

As Pokemon spent most of 2016 celebrating its 20th anniversary in style, the releases of the excellent Sun and Moon in November were the icing on the cake. The latest Pokemon adventures are sure to top the Christmas lists of both young and older gamers alike.

Heralded as The Game Awards’ Game of the Year 2016, Overwatch has been all the talk of the industry this year. From its frequent updates and balancing of its heroes, free festive events, and free content drops, the game has continued to give back to players months after its May release. As it continues to be mentioned in Game of the Year discussions, gamers are sure to be asking for Overwatch this Christmas.
Ratchet and Clank

It’s no secret that many major releases nowadays have a lot of mature content not suitable for kids, making gifting around Christmas for a young gamer a bit more difficult. However, with its colorful visuals, excellent platforming, and a movie tie-in that also released this year, Ratchet and Clank is a perfect gift for kids this Christmas.

Another sporting titan likely to be gifted a lot this year is Madden NFL 17. Offering fans the chance to guide their teams to victory with stunning visuals and a vast array of tactical options, this is the perfect gift for any football fan.
Dishonored 2

As one of 2016’s most critically-acclaimed titles, Dishonored 2 is likely going to find itself in many gamers’ stockings this year who missed out on it when it first released.

RotTR 20th Anniversary

Almost a year after it released on the Xbox One, Lara’s latest adventure, Rise of the Tomb Raider, has finally come to PS4. Alongside the main game, the title also comes with all of the DLC, and some more extra content to celebrate the series’ 20 year anniversary. As one of the most iconic old-school names in gaming, Rise of the Tomb Raider will be a popular pick for PS4 owners this year.
Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 4 only released last week and as such there will likely be many Xbox One owners still making their way through a hefty November backlog yet to pick it up. It’s the perfect bit of Christmas-themed, zombie-slaying fun to gift an Xbox One gamer this year.

After a 10-year wait, the time has finally arrived that every Final Fantasy fan has been waiting for. Final Fantasy XV is finally out and with it being a for both series newcomers and long-term fans, it has a huge potential audience. It’s the perfect gift for an eager fan yet to get their hands on it, or a newcomer interested in trying out the series for the first time.

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