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25 Games We Really Want to See at E3 2017

Final Fantasy VII Remake

25 Games We Really Want to See at E3 2017

Fingers crossed!

E3 2017 – Games We Really Want to See

Animal Crossing – Nintendo hasn’t said anything about it yet, but it has to be coming soon, right? Animal Crossing: New Leaf was a huge hit on the 3DS, and with the Switch enjoying continuous commercial success since its March launch, we can’t help but hope that Nintendo announces a new Animal Crossing game for it at E3 2017.

Call of Duty: World War II – We haven’t gotten to see any of that awesome “boots on the ground” multiplayer gameplay Sledgehammer kept talking about it during the reveal event, and we’re definitely expecting to see some more CoD this E3.

Super Mario Odyssey – Super Mario Odyssey was one of the most eye-catching Switch exclusives revealed during Nintendo’s presentation earlier this year. Slated for release later this year, Nintendo is bound to share some more info and gameplay for this open world Mario game this year.

Shin Megami Tensei – Barring Apocalypse, it’s been four years since we saw a mainline Shin Megami Tensei game, and it was for the 3DS. Atlus’ glorious and morally conflicting series needs to make a comeback soon. A new SMT game was announced for the Switch during Nintendo’s presentation, and we want to see something substantial at this year’s event.

Crackdown 3 – Alright, Microsoft. You’ve been awfully silent about Crackdown 3. Aside from the Scorpio, we don’t know what else you’re planning to show us at E3 2017, so it stands to reason that you’re probably going to get this game back into public attention this year, right? Right?

Cyberpunk 2077 – Cyberpunk 2077 will most likely have its own spot on our yearly “games we want to see at E3” lists every year until it finally releases. CD Projekt Red has left us out in the cold ever since they dropped that gorgeous trailer years ago, and we want more of it.

Days Gone – No surprises here. Days Gone voice actor Sam Witwer previously mentioned that the game would be at E3 2017 “in a big way.” We can’t wait to get another look at Sony’s upcoming exclusive title.

Death Stranding – Death Stranding is one of the more exciting games unveiled at Sony’s E3 press conference last year. While we’re not expecting it to release anytime soon, Hideo Kojima has been pretty vocal about gameplay elements and his creative process, so we wouldn’t be surprised if we get to see more of it this year.

Fire Emblem – Fire Emblem is one of the hottest JRPG series right now. I know it, you know it, and Nintendo knows it. Which is why they announced a brand new Fire Emblem game (no, not Warriors) for the Switch earlier this year. With the series finally bidding farewell to the 3DS, we’re hoping to get a glimpse of how it’ll look on Nintendo’s new hardware.

Destiny 2 – Destiny 2 is probably one of the most hyped and eagerly anticipated games of 2017. Of course it’s going to be at E3. We haven’t heard any details about how the game will run on the Scorpio just yet, and we expect we’ll know more at Microsoft’s press conference this year. Fingers crossed for 60 frames per second?

Detroit: Become Human – Detroit: Become Human has been in development for quite a few years now, and we got our first look at some of the decision-based gameplay at last year’s event. While the game’s release window is still shrouded in mystery, here’s hoping we get more details on Quantic Dream’s latest cinematic experience this year.

God of War – We know that God of War must be quickly approaching the end of is development period, considering that the game’s director has already beaten the full game once. It’s very likely that a release window for the new game will be announced at E3.

Spider-Man – We haven’t seen a decent Spider-Man game in quite some time, and Insomniac’s latest take on the web-slinger looks absolutely gorgeous. Since its announcement last year, Insomniac hasn’t really said much about the game, but hopefully we’ll get a new trailer at Sony’s E3 2017 press conference.

The Last of Us Part II – Director Neil Druckmann has already explicitly stated that The Last of Us Part II is still early in development, so we’re probably not going to see it for another couple of years or so. Still, they can’t just drop that awesome trailer at PSX last December and not follow up with some more info after that. We’d really like to know more about Ellie’s new journey this year. Hopefully. Maybe.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War – Shadow of Mordor ended on a rather unsatisfying note, but Shadow of War looks like it’s going to pick up the story from where we left off. The trailers released so far have been great, but we’d love to see more of it in action.

Assassin’s Creed – Assassin’s Creed took a well-deserved break last year, but we have a feeling that Ubisoft might be ready to bring the series back in 2017. The company has been teasing it for a while now, and we wouldn’t be surprised if we get a first look at E3 next month.

Red Dead Redemption 2 – To the surprise of absolutely no one, Red Dead Redemption 2 has been pushed back to 2018. But that doesn’t mean Rockstar can’t still wow us with a gameplay premiere trailer at E3.

Shenmue 3 – If you’ve been following along with Shenmue 3’s development blog, everything seems to be just peachy with that game’s development process. The team has been releasing new screenshots and updates rather consistently as well. It’s been two years since the game’s official announcement, and it might be time to finally get a proper look at the game this year.

The Avengers Project – After announcing the new Avengers Project, Eidos and Square Enix have been pretty mum about the game. Is it going to be an action RPG? Maybe just a pure action game? We don’t know, but here’s hoping Square Enix decides to show it off in June.

Final Fantasy VII Remake/Kingdom Hearts III – I’m putting these two games together because they’re both cut from the same cloth. The cloth made out of ‘Square Enix pipe dream’ material. Square Enix is currently in the process of recruiting more members to join the FFVII Remake development team, and the company’s latest fiscal report states that both games could be released in the next three years or so. Still, that doesn’t mean that they won’t still continuously tease us with more gorgeous CGI trailers and epic music, right?

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