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20 Stunning Forza Horizon 3 Screenshots to Prepare You for the Australian Festival

forza horizon 3


20 Stunning Forza Horizon 3 Screenshots to Prepare You for the Australian Festival

The beauty of Australia’s Outback.

Forza Horizon 3 is the latest in the franchise’s open world adventure. This time, players will explore Australia in a map that is twice the size of Forza Horizon 2’s. It’s not only bigger, though, it’s also packed with tons more content including more cars, races, race types, activities, and challenges. Of course,  Forza Horizon 3 does more than just pack in more exciting content, it wraps it all in a gorgeous package which serves as some of the best eye candy to grace the Xbox One yet.

The world is beautifully designed, and you can drive almost everywhere you see. Particle effects kick up dust and splash through puddles, dirtying up your vehicle realistically as your tires become caked with mud and dust changes the tint of your car’s paint. Water rolls right off as it splashes onto your screen.

The lighting is incredible as well, glistening off of surfaces. It can blind you if you’re driving directly towards it, or light your way through the dense forestry in some of Australia’s parts. have fun rally racing as you tear through trees and grass before flying out over paved roads and heading into one of the games gigantic city areas.

Forza Horizon 3 is definitely a treat for the eyes. It’s hard to to constantly stop and look at how beautiful everything is, right down to the meticulous detail of each stunning vehicle’s interior. Get ready for the most eye-catching racing festival yet.

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