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Meet the Gorgeous World of Eos in These Final Fantasy XV Screenshots

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Meet the Gorgeous World of Eos in These Final Fantasy XV Screenshots

Final Fantasy XV Screenshots

Final Fantasy XV is finally upon us and the hype is palpable. To help satiate that appetite before you can get your own hands on this marvelous experience, here are some screenshots of the game to share what’s in store for you when you finally set foot into the land of Eos.

Final Fantasy XV is an absolutely stunning game. Combat is quick and brutal as you watch flashing lights brighten up your screen and your well-trained allies take the fight to your enemies. The world is large and beautiful, housing horrifying monstrosities and people you’ve dedicated your life to protecting and saving. Hidden in the world are plenty of secrets for you to seek out and uncover. Untold power through powerful weapons, fun discoveries hidden behind unassuming quests, and even monsters bigger than you could ever imagine just lying dormant beneath the surface.

After ten long years, and a name change that turned Final Fantasy Versus XIII into Final Fantasy XV, it’s amazing to see what the development has been able to accomplish with new hardware and a renewed vision for what happens to be the freshest entry that the franchise has seen in a very long time. Thanks to an entire new way of playing and a world that is truly open to the player, the developers have been able to create something that breaks the mold yet still incorporates the heart of everything that is Final Fantasy.

We can only hope that as we move forward and see the expansions, along with whatever game comes next, that they maintain this level of polish. It’s impossible to stop staring at the awe-inspiring vistas of Final Fantasy XV, and we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to prolong the epic road-trip that you and your friends are about to embark on.

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