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Check Out the Evolution of FIFA Covers Throughout the Years


Check Out the Evolution of FIFA Covers Throughout the Years

Every cover since 1993.

The FIFA series has been going for quite some time, there’s no denying that. Allowing players to take control of their favorite soccer team and dominate their opposition and the leagues is something that fans never get tired of and with each year comes a new iteration of the series.

While the newest releases often provide a number of tweaks to the game’s engine, updated squad rosters and player ratings, and perhaps some new game modes, one thing that always changes is the game’s cover. Starring one (or in some cases some) of the biggest names on the soccer scene, the covers have experienced quite the transition since their origins back in 1994. Since then, both the style and the stars have drastically changed, and it’s quite interesting to take a trip through time to see the evolution of FIFA’s front covers.

While we’ve tried our darnedest to give you the exact covers from the USA release, it turns out that FIFA’s covers actually starred different players depending on the territory. For example, FIFA 10 actually has 12 different covers depending on the territories ranging from the UK and North America, to Russia and Hungary. In most cases, we’ve grabbed the UK or US cover art as these were more often than not the ones that you’ll have seen just about everywhere.

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