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Destiny The Dawning: All New Emotes


Destiny The Dawning: All New Emotes

With Destiny: The Dawning released upon the world and with it comes a plethora of new emotes, sparrows, and items for players to unlock. One of the most coveted and are the 9 different dances and taunts players can unlock. These have ranged in the past from a variety of famous dances both new and old, so with this next batch players shouldn’t expect anything less. These new emotes range between 500 to 250 Silver, which is converted to around $5 in U.S. currency. For those who have been demanding Bungie to include the Dab dance, users will be excited to know it’s come packaged as the “Graceful Sneeze” so you can finally Dab to your hearts content.

Other dances include the tiny dance which is moves that people replicated during the “My Boo” song and a nod to wrestler John Cena with a “You Cannot See Me” hand wave. Others are a variety of taunts, but our personal favorite has to be the No You Didn’t which imbues our Guardian with a whole lot of sass and finger snaps. Make sure to pick up yours if you’ve been saving your Silver from the Halloween Festivals lackluster set of new emotes. For all your Destiny: The Dawning news make sure to check back with us at Twinfinite.

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