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Check Out These 15 Awesome Pieces of Destiny: Rise of Iron Fan Art


Check Out These 15 Awesome Pieces of Destiny: Rise of Iron Fan Art

That art, man.

Our first piece of Rise of Iron fan art comes courtesy of Tumblr user Goobart, an art student at SCAD. He’s also a self described “total nerd,” and he’s certainly a Destiny nerd, if nothing else.

Comic book illustrator Jake Myler is our second artist, drawing the mighty and powerful Lord Saladin standing tall and wielding his fire axe…while Cayde-6 has the responsibility of keeping his wolves in line while their master strikes a pose.

Eric Burns decided to draw his own Hunter for this Rise of Iron piece, showing them stand alone in the snowy mountains of Felwinter Peak. The Hunter brings nothing with them but the axe, their cloak, and a steely resolve.

One of the three winners in the Game Informer fan art competition, Hernan Cerezo is the artist behind this powerful piece of art showing Lord Saladin in white and brown.

This is artist tosthage’s first Destiny digital art, and she thought that Saladin was such a badass that she “just had to” draw him.

As artist Roxis Tagawa describes it, creating this piece of art took many “cramping, painful, and sleepless weeks” from the complete sketching to painting process. Still, he enjoyed the work and was happy to enter it into the Rise of Iron art contest.

The second winner in Game Informer’s contest, Brian Moncus was taken in by the Destiny community and found it unlike anything he’s ever seen. If you think this is good, just check his Instagram for how it looks with Prisma.

Steven Rivera is the final winner of GI’s cover art contest, and it’s easy to see why. The use of red and yellow works nicely with the different characters going on, and it looks like it would be an actual cover for the magazine.

This was too adorable to pass up. The way Kevin Raganit draws Saladin and his trio of wolves is totally cute, and this shows why you should be able to do more than sit with them on Felwinter Peak.

Equal parts writer and artist, DrAssenov crammed “30 hours of work” into a few days to make this beauty in time for the GI deadline. The work and attention to detail definitely shows, even if the Titan’s helmet looks to her like “some kind of geodesic gummy candy.”

Destiny art is no stranger to showing its Guardians taking a stand against a powerful enemy, and Georgy continues that trend here. Ths time, though, it’s a little different, since the Guardians are going up against a SIVA-infected Sepkis.

Rooster Teeth artist Laurin Crozier entered this for the art competition, showing her pair of Guardians (Scout and Heimdall) go up against some SIVA-infected Fallen. Scout probably shouldn’t use a rocket launcher so close…

Greg Givens is the final artist, and man, this just looks great. It’s the kind of art where you think “this would look great as a wallpaper for my phone”. And now you can do that! If you’ve ever wanted to see a Guardian go up against an unknown machine gun for the first time, of course.

Zachary Bradley is responsible for this lovely piece of art, showing three Guardians going up against SIVA Fallen. Is it cheating for the Sunbreaker Titan to use the Hammer of Sol and the fire axe? Well, yeah, but it’s also a shame that you can dual wield them both.

Lord Saladin’s words in the original trailer for Rise of Iron got fans pumped, and the pose he strikes in the key art pretty much borders on iconic for Destiny. Many artists like Jessica here have decided to replicate it and show the final Iron Lord stand heroic with his axe.

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