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Check Out Overwatch’s 12 Spooky New Halloween Skins

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Check Out Overwatch’s 12 Spooky New Halloween Skins

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Overwatch’s Halloween event is almost upon us and with it comes another round of specialized skins that you can only purchase for this event. While there has been a ton of speculation as to who or what these new outfits would be, actually got a chance to show off 12 of them. Now we cannot confirm at this time if these are all of them, but from what we see they are far more than just reskins. Furthermore, there will also be a game mode called Jukenstein’s Revenge which is a 4 person co-op game mode, which is a first for the strictly player vs. player title. Here are all 12 skins and in all their gruesome glory.

Ana will be rocking a Jack-O’-Lantern/Nightmare Before Christmas design that makes great use of colors, allowing her facemask to really pop in the dark. Credit to for posting these for all of us see.


Bastion is rocking an overwatch tombstone skin that is presumably filled with all of the dead players he’s mowed down in turret form.

Everyone’s favorite archer Hanzo seems to be a mix between a zombie and a possessed person in his own of the overwatch halloween skins, with hints of the Chinese version of a ghoul, Jiangshis.

Junkrat, to literally nobodies surprise, is rocking the mad scientist getup that has been teasing fans for the past few weeks. Not only does this fit his character’s personality perfectly, but his overall design really works well with his playstyle.

One of the other big speculated overwatch halloween skins designs is Mercy’s witch, who is receiving her first legendary skin since overwatch launched last summer.

Pharah seems to be an odd mix of cyber horror and the same undead design that Hanzo has. These are clearly the lesser skins to collect, but it’s nice that they are included in the halloween skins.

By far this is probably the most elaborate of all of the new halloween skins releasing in overwatch, as Reaper’s Headless Horseman-esc outfit looks fantastic. Not only are his Hellfire shotguns rocking a pumpkin design near the back, but they will certainly look great in motion.

Reinhardt’s is quite simple, yet it works well with the overall look of this character. His spectral design makes this crusader skin look like a fallen knight who is now haunting his armor because seeing him charge at you wasn’t scary enough.

Complimenting mad scientist Junkrat the Frankenstein’s monster design of overwatch Roadhog is quite creepy. Not only is he already falling apart, but his hook looks far more intimidating than before. Plus you get to rock some bellybutton jewelry and who wouldn’t want that?

While Pharah and Hanzo skins seem to focus around a possessed appearance, Solider 76 looks like a vampire that has wandered off the set of Blade. His design is simply, but the face really skyrockets the creep factor of this outfit.

Following Soldier 76’s lead, Symmetra is also rocking a vampiric design which probably fits her personality better than anyone of the overwatch cast. Even though there is minimal alterations, the color really makes this skin pop out.

Zenyatta is a bit of an odd one and probably one of the weakest of the 12 halloween skins shown here. While the mix of experimental robot and/or skeleton works fine, it would have been cool to see something more elaborate done with this character.

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