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Top 15 Best Xbox One Multiplayer Games of All Time

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Top 15 Best Xbox One Multiplayer Games of All Time

Grab some friends for the best Xbox One multiplayer games.

Halo: Master Chief Collection- Packing all four of Master Chief’s first adventures onto one disc, the Master Chief Collection is a great way to experience the classic Xbox series. With remastered visuals thanks to the power of the Xbox One, and the ability to play through all adventures with up to four friends online or with another friend locally, you’ll never have to face the Covenant alone.

Star Wars: Battlefront- If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to run through the trees on Endor, blasting Storm Troopers or deflecting incoming fire with your lightsaber as Luke Skywalker then Star Wars: Battlefront is probably the best way to experience it. With up to 40-player battles, Battlefront is the definitive way for you and your friends to partake in a Star Wars multiplayer experience.

Rocket League- Regardless of whether the concept of normal soccer appeals to you or not, you should give Rocket League a try. There’s something about majestically gliding through the air to score a goal that your friend assisted you with on online multiplayer that makes it one of the most satisfying and replayable experiences on Xbox One.

Overwatch- Releasing a little earlier this year, Overwatch came and took the world by storm. Providing some of the most fast-paced action on the Xbox One and with a whole host of unique and memorable characters, Overwatch is a team-based shooter you shouldn’t sleep on.

Destiny- If you’re after something a little more sci-fi, then Destiny a multiplayer experience long after its story mode is complete. With Raids to grind to help pick up some new loot, and a number of different PvP events to help test your skills in a competitive arena, Destiny is a game you and your friends can always come back around too.

Minecraft- If shooting stuff and flying cars aren’t your cup of tea then there’s a good possibility Minecraft will have some sort of element to enjoy in multiplayer. With a huge procedurally generated world at your disposal, you’re free to do quite literally anything your mind can think of as long as you can build it.

Halo 5- While Master Chief Collection offers four great campaigns to battle through (we won’t talk about its rather poor online multiplayer), Halo 5 reshaped the series’ multiplayer with a new game mode: Warzone. With a bunch of weapons and vehicles at your disposal, it’s a race to 1000 points between two teams of 12. It’s also got a campaign you can run through, and a bunch of your favorite multiplayer modes from previous entries in the series, too.

Chariot- A game designed primarily for two-player co-op, Chariot tasks you and a friend with carrying a funeral wagon through ancient caves as you pick up treasures and fend off looters. If you like physics-based platforming and want something a little different, Chariot is worthy of your time.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions- Though it’s lacking an online mode, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions allows up to four players to blast their way through 10 tough levels as they try to achieve star goals. You’ll need some skills and the help of multipliers if you’re going to succeed.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime- If you’ve ever wanted to know how you and four friends would deal with manning a spaceship’s control rooms, turrets, lasers, shields, and thrusters, all the while defending yourselves from all manner of space baddies, then Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime allows you to do exactly that. It’s a four-player local co-op experience and has great reviews to boot. It’s also best to check out the trailer to get an idea of the gameplay.

Sunset Overdrive- Though you can’t play Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive’s story mode together, its multiplayer component is still great fun with friends. Allowing up to eight friends to play together online, teams must complete a series of random missions, before defending vats of Overcharge from the monsters that have invaded the city. Trust us, it’s chaotic, great fun.

Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition- For those who just love to collect loot and grind their way through countless enemies, Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition has your back. With a story mode accommodating up to four players online and co-op, you’ll have to battle your way through the forces of evil. Oh, and the game’s difficulty automatically scales to the number of people playing too, so you’re always sure to face a fair fight.

Dying Light- When you’re faced with a huge open-world, and a river of zombies filling the roads, it’s only fair that you’d want some friends to be at your side. Dying Light allows you and up to three friends to take on the undead horde as you scavenge for crafting supplies to survive and make your way through the game’s story.

Overcooked- A local co-op game that throws you and three friends into a number of different kitchens and has you racing against the clock to prepare and serve a variety of orders, Overcooked is fast-paced and fun. Though it’s not your usual gaming experience, it offers some of the best laughs and most accessible gameplay we’ve seen in quite some time.

LEGO- With it’s classic LEGO sense of humor, a wide range of different adventures to choose from, and family-friendly gameplay, the LEGO games are great to play on Xbox One no matter what your age.

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