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Top 10 Best Special Edition Xbox One Controllers, Ranked

Xbox One Controllers

Top 10 Best Special Edition Xbox One Controllers, Ranked

They put the “special” in special edition.

The simplicity of this blue controller shines. The uniform blue across the thumbsticks, d-pad, and button font make this controller a real looker.

This Covert Forces controller was one of the first special edition Xbox controllers to hit the market. The muted grayscale palette sets it apart from the green Armed Forces special released at the same time.

While not produced by Microsoft, this PDP Xbox One controller released alongside Mirror’s Edge Catalyst belongs on this list because of its clean and beautiful design. The red Mirror’s Edge logo pops against the white controller base.

The last Call of Duty to have a marketing partnership with the Xbox One was Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. This special edition controller had a console to match. It featured the Sentinel logo at the center and gold accenting sprinkled throughout.

Two special edition controllers launched alongside Halo 5: Guardians, and this is the best of the two. The metallic blue d-pad pops against a grayed out body. The light blue accent line running across the front ties it all together.

Between the consoles, hard drive, and controllers, Gears of War 4 had arguably the best set of special edition hardware of any game ever. This JD Fenix special edition controller is no exception. The matte gray and deep blue make this one of the most attractive controllers Microsoft has ever released.

One of the best racing franchises in gaming deserves one of the best special edition controllers. The deep royal blue on this Forza 6 controller is taken to the next level by the simple racing stripes and negative Forza logo on the center.

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced a new set of special edition controllers. Of the three, this patrol tech controller — with the deep blue body and textured gray highlights — is by far the most attractive.

This Titanfall controller was the first game-specific special edition controller released for the Xbox One, and after three years, it is still one of the best. The orange, black, and white color scheme could easily have gotten too busy. But like any good Titanfall player, the controller is chaotic, yet controlled.

When it comes to special edition controllers, it doesn’t get any better than this Gears of War Elite Controller. From the blood splatter and logo to the laser etched scratch marks and custom d-pad, this controller screams die hard GoW fan.

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