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10 of the Best RPGs on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo switch

10 of the Best RPGs on Nintendo Switch

Take your grinding on the go.

While previous Legend of Zelda games didn’t seem to fall into the best RPGs category, Breath of the Wild seems to push the game to the boundary between adventure game and RPG. The beautifully crafted open world takes exploration to a new level for the franchise and the combat is both challenging and engaging. This is a game that simply gets it right in every way from its fantastic puzzles to a mysterious narrative that incentivizes you to keep exploring.

It’s hard to find an best RPGs on Nintendo Switch that has more content and hours of enjoyment to offer than Xenoblade Chronicles 2. This game delivers on all fronts in a way that is sure to please any best RPGs lover. If you’re a stickler for an in-depth combat system, obsessed with a good narrative with a solid cast of characters, or just want to explore a sprawling world that has a lot to discover, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will keep you captivated for more than 70 hours of gameplay.

Combining the iconic world of Mario with the whacky universe of the Rabbids sounds like one crazy idea. After seeing just how well Mario and the gang work together with this personality-packed group of Rabbids, this crossover feels long overdue. It’s truly the tactical RPG success story that nobody saw coming. Next to the sheer amount of personality and delightful quirkiness the title provides, the variety in gameplay in one of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle’s best qualities. With so many characters under your control and various skill sets to take advantage of, there are plenty of different ways to approach every scenario. It’s also refreshing to see Mario in a game with boss battles that feel as satisfying as this. Taking down bosses in Mario games is typically a very easy task that makes victory feel inevitable rather than rewarding. In Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, however, the boss battles are challenging and fresh in this best RPGs on Nintendo Switch. Just in case you want to share the fun with a friend, there are even co-op challenges you can unlock along the way.

On the surface, you would hardly expect Stardew Valley to be such a truly enjoyable game on Nintendo Switch. This farm-simulator is blended with meaningful best RPGs elements in a seamless way. Just as much as you’ll be focused on your farming duties, you’ll also find yourself getting wrapped up in relationships with other townspeople and needing to complete crucial side quests. There are a lot of layers to Stardew Valley that would even appeal to players who aren’t big fans of the farming simulator genre. You will want to take your time with Stardew Valley to really experience all the game has to offer. That could be wanting something as simple as seeing all your hard work pay off on the farm or perhaps you’re far more interested in learning more about all the personalities that exist around you or even just discovering more about the world you inhabit. There is a lot to do and a lot of charm to take in. Anyone who is a fan of games like Animal Crossing and and Harvest Moon will easily be able to find room in their hearts for Stardew Valley.

If you laid eyes on the title of this game and immediately lost interest, I can’t recommend heavily enough that you actually give Golf Story a chance. As someone who has never managed to actually enjoy any golf simulator game, I was shocked to find myself enjoying this golf simulator, best RPGs on Nintendo Switch hybrid. The story here is pretty watered down and basic but everything else in this game makes up for that. The old-school visuals appeal to your nostalgia in the best way possible and the entire world around you is incredibly charming and easy to fall in love with. What won me over was the simple fact that there was so much more to this game than just the golf — which isn’t that bad either. It’s a lot simpler than other golf games but for anyone who isn’t crazy about golf games it’s kind of refreshing to not have to put yourself in an actual golfer state of mind to do well in this game. But Golf Story even introduces fun side activities and challenges that sprinkle the right amount of variety to gameplay. This story-driven golf simulator complete with humor, opportunities for free-roaming, and the sheer goofiness of the many of the side missions all come together for the sake of one surprisingly endearing success.

When it was announced that Nintendo was ready to introduce the first true hybrid console, you couldn’t help but wonder what games would be the perfect match for this type of platform. Well, Disgaea 5 Complete on Nintendo Switch is definitely one of those games that feels perfect for the Switch. This tactical best RPGs on Nintendo Switch has plenty of content to dive into and with a cast of characters this silly you’ll easily enjoy every minute of it. The story that brings all these personalities together may be a bit watered down and overly simplistic, but the experience still manages to be both charming and hilarious. What makes the game such a great fit for the Switch is that its campaign, visually speaking, just doesn’t have a lot going on. The story is carried on mostly through cutouts of characters and dialogue boxes so at no point does Disgeae 5 Complete  introduce any performance issues for the Switch. You’ll enjoy the combat, the quirkiness, the silly character design, and the bountiful hours of gameplay that you can now experience on the go.

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