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Best Nintendo eShop Cyber Deals for Black Friday 2018

Princess Peach, Mario Rabbids

Best Nintendo eShop Cyber Deals for Black Friday 2018

Best Nintendo eShop Cyber Deals for Black Friday 2018

Starlink: Battle for Atlas Deluxe Edition

(MSRP: $79.99, Sale Price: $59.99)
This Ubisoft space shooter brings familiar faces from the Star Fox team into the Starlink universe, where an elite squad of pilots fight to save the universe from a tyrannical emperor. It’s basically the same plot as anything set in outer space, just with more furries.

Though there is certainly something to be said for owning the physical version of Starlink in order to have a fun Arwing toy to fly around the house when you’re supposed to be doing actual work, the digital Deluxe Edition is really the way to go for the fullest experience. 5 starships, 7 pilots and 12 weapons at your disposal, without the need to actually swap pieces in and out. Less judgment on public transport, too.

NBA 2K19

(MSRP: $59.99, Sale Price: $29.99)
Sporting Giannis Antetokounmpo on the cover, this year’s edition of 2K’s NBA juggernaut improved in almost every facet, making it a contender for the best basketball game of all time (short of NBA Jam and Looney Tunes B-Ball).

The Switch version isn’t quite as sharp as its contemporaries on the stronger consoles, but it still pushes the hardware to its utmost, and being able to play such an impressive basketball game on the go for half the cost make it an offer worth considering. Especially if you’re a Raptors fan and you want to pretend that Kawhi Leonard will stay in Toronto for more than one season.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

(MSRP: $59.99, Sale Price: $29.99)
Skyrim is one of those games that just won’t go away, and we still haven’t gotten sick of it yet. Bethesda’s sprawling epic pits you against dragons, barbarians, and angry fanboys who have already abandoned Fallout 76.

Though the title has seen several releases and risks overexposure, the Switch edition is particularly noteworthy, thanks to the console’s portability. You’ll definitely get some bang for your buck with this one, especially if you’re the kind of person who likes to invest a lot of time and energy into one game.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gold Edition

(MSRP: $79.99, Sale Price: $31.99)
Ubisoft’s crossover between the Rabbids and the denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom may look obtuse on paper, but it works so damned well, and turned out to be one of the Switch’s sleeper hits when it dropped late last year.

The Gold Edition includes the additional Donkey Kong spinoff chapters, and it can all be yours for less than half price. This just may be the best offer available in the eShop Cyber Deals, so if you’re thinking of investing in just one title, this one comes highly recommended. Bwaaaaa!!


(MSRP: $59.99, Sale Price: $29.99)
Bringing the classic bloody FPS franchise back to Nintendo at long last, DOOM lets you live out your dreams of obliterating alien scum into tiny chunks, before crushing the skulls of the stragglers with your bare hands. Incidentally, if those actually are your dreams, you should probably seek psychological help.

In the same manner as NBA 2K19 or Skyrim, DOOM lags a little in graphical fidelity behind the rival brands, but this is the kind of title where you probably won’t take too much notice. Simply shoot everything you see, and forget all the rest.

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