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Top 15 Best Gaming Gift Ideas for the Holidays 2018


Top 15 Best Gaming Gift Ideas for the Holidays 2018

With the holidays almost upon us, it’s time to run down our top picks for the top 15 best gaming gift ideas for the holidays 2018.

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Jason Schreier’s Blood Sweat and Pixels

If you have a passionate gamer buddy or relation that likes to read, Kotaku Editor Jason Schrier’s first book is a must-buy. The book is split into a dozen or so separate chapters detailing separate development tales for hugely popular games like Destiny, Diablo 3, and Uncharted. It does well to highlight the immense pressure that game developers are under and difficulties of working in the games industry in general.

PS4 Controller Charger

Rather than opting to just go for a random game you aren’t sure whether they might like, accessories are always a fun gift and perhaps not something a person would necessarily think to purchase themselves. These controller chargers from BEBONCOOL, for example, are an affordable little extra that makes the often annoying charge-life of PS4 controllers a little more bearable.

PlayStation Ugly Sweater

The official PlayStation Ugly Sweater is adorned in directional pads, button icons, and the PlayStation symbol, making the whole “ugly” Xmas sweater-look a whole lot cooler.

Pokemon GO Plus

Assuming the recipient of your gaming gift is an avid Pokemon Go player, the Pokemon GO Plus is a neat little accessory that puts a neat little spin on the experience. The device blinks and vibrates whenever you’re within range of a PokéStop or are near a Pokémon.

Nintendo Switch Pokemon Let’s Go Bundle

Speaking of Pokemon fans, if you’re looking to get someone a really big gift then look no further than the awesome Nintendo Switch bundle. Assuming your recipient doesn’t already own the console, this Switch bundle is pretty impressive (albeit quite pricey), packing the console, full game, controller, and special Pokeball controller in one deal. The ultimate Pokemon gift.

Spider-Man PS4 Bundle

If you’re after a PS4 console gift deal then you can’t look past the Spider-Man bundle. This particular discounted package is offering some serious value for money; it includes the slim console version with a beefy 1TB HDD, controller, and Spider-Man game for just $199!

Minecraft is a universally popular game suitable for all ages, but particularly if your recipient is a child –say, one that loves lego or similar– Minecraft could prove a big hit. Bundled in this Xbox One S package for just $199, it’s a terrific offer.

RGB PC Lighting Kit

If the person you’re gifting is a big PC gamer, chances are they’ll be quite particular on which components they use for their rig. You don’t want to get into mucking around with GPU’s and HDD’s unless you really know your stuff, and accessories like gaming mice are quite personal. But a Lighting Kit? Now that’s something most PC gamers probably would like but never get around to buying themselves. It really transforms your PC into something super futuristic and cool. Check out the NZXT’s HUE 2 Lighting Kit.

PlayStation Totaku Figures

Video game figurines tend to be super pricey, but these awesome PlayStation figures are totally affordable. Similar to Nintendo’s Amiibo line, the Totaku line features a wide range of iconic PlayStation characters like Crash Bandicoot, the Hunter from Bloodborne, Parappa the Rapper.

A Classic Console

Nintendo releases two popular classic consoles and now Sony has followed suit with the PlayStation Classic. Any of the three would make for a cool, reasonably affordable, gaming gift that doubles as both a cute trinket for the shelf and a gaming experience to enjoy.

Humble Monthly Subscription

Another gift that any PC player would appreciate is the Humble Monthly subscription service. It’s easily one of the most appealing in all of gaming, granting access to a massive bundle of games for just $12 per month.

Seagate 2TB External HDD

Even if your friend or loved one has the larger 1TB HDD Xbox One model, there’s a good chance they’ll still be struggling for space. Games these days are huge in size, but this external HDD has more than enough room to store dozens of games without breaking a sweat. It’s super easy to plug-in and use, too. Amazon and other online retailers should have plenty of stock.

Xbox Design Lab Controller

Thanks to Xbox’s Design Lab, you can get super creative with unique custom controller designs. What I like about this particular gift is that you can make a one of a kind controller, adding a bit of creativity into the design to give it a personal touch, and then at the end of the day it’s also a functional controller — something all gamers can never get enough of.

Gaming Headset

For a gift that works across PS4, Xbox One, and PC, you can’t go wrong with a high-quality gaming headset. This is a gift that’s sure to go down a treat. There are a range of different options depending on your budget, but if you can afford something like the Sennheiser GSP 300 for $70sh, it would make an excellent mid-tier headset.


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