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10 Ingenious Ways to Customize Your Xbox One

fallout xbox one

10 Ingenious Ways to Customize Your Xbox One

Severed limbs and a lot of neon.

This NES skin from House of Grafix is printed on matte vinyl for an authentic “old as dirt” look. There’s even a skin available for your Kinect, if you haven’t banished it from your home yet.

House of Grafix also offers an Atari skin,

Balolo Xbox One skins cover your console in 7mm of wood. The innuendo here was unavoidable.

Wood is for peasants. Alternative: Jumbo Electronics in Dubai had famous Italian jeweler Gatti create golden cases for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. For $13,699, you can bathe your console in 220 grams of 9 karat yellow gold.

Thorhack spent two weeks turning his Xbox One into a glowing Wasteland beast. He can even change the color and glow intensity, like some sort of visual Bethesda pledge of allegiance.

The Afterglow Prismatic Wired Controller is as much glow as your Xbox One is gonna get. It can cycle through the rainbow of colors and has an option for rumble lights.


Square Enix gave this one of a kind Xbox One away a while back, but we’re willing to bet you have some dirt lying around.

Brian Alford, and a lot of other users, skin their Xbox One to make it transparent.

This contest, specifically.


Vadu Amka makes a ton of custom consoles. We’re most interested in this one. Sure, it’s an Xbox 360, but the Xbox One seems pretty backwards compatible in the severed limb department.

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