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All the Things You Can Do in Mafia III


All the Things You Can Do in Mafia III

Do all the things.

Mafia III – All the things you can do

Shoot everything – You’re trying to take over New Bordeaux and make it your own. Of course you have to shoot down all the folks that get in your way.

Perform brutal executions – Tapping the melee button will allow Lincoln to perform an execution move that decimates his foes. Things get even gorier once you unlock his combat knife.

Spare everyone – Mafia III actually gives you an in-game option to perform non-lethal takedowns so you don’t end up killing everyone you see in the game.

Swim – Thankfully, video game protagonists have learned to swim, and you no longer suffer an instant death the second you touch the water.

Drive around and obey traffic laws – Be a good citizen. Mafia III has traffic laws, and the police will come after you if you slam into too many cars, or run the red light or something.

Disobey the traffic laws – Or you know, you could just GTA it up and run into every car you see. Expect a high speed police car chase right after that though, if there are any cops nearby.

Activate simulated driving – For maximum immersion, you could turn on the ‘simulated driving’ option to make your car feel heavier and more like one from that era. If you prefer a little more realism to your driving, simulated is the way to go.

Rob a store – If you want to take over New Bordeaux, you need money. To get money, you can choose to rob stores by going inside and performing a holdup. You can also be sneaky and grab the money without attracting any attention… You coward.

Fight rival gangsters – Sal Marcano’s gangsters have the support of the police, so if you’re seen fighting them, the police will come after you. But look, these rival gangsters need to be put in their place.

Feed enemies to alligators – You can pick up bodies in this game, and also, there are alligators in the water. If you decide to drop enemy bodies on top of an alligator, well, you can put two and two together.

Get eaten by an alligator – It works both ways.

Recruit underbosses – Mafia III allows you to track down prominent gangsters in the game, and recruit them as your underbosses. They’ll give you access to their network and associates to make your life easier.

Make your underbosses happy – You can complete favors for your three underbosses to keep them happy. If you do so, they’ll unlock extra upgrades for you.

Piss off your underbosses – Alternatively, you can also annoy your underbosses by doing things they disapprove of, make them hate your guts, and they’ll eventually betray you.

Feed gumbo to starving citizens – Every budding crime lord needs to take some time out of their schedule to do some community work every now and then.

Collect the collectibles – New Bordeaux is full of collectible items, ranging from Playboy magazines (yay) to records that let you unlock more of the game’s soundtrack. Gotta collect ’em all!

Bug areas in the city – If you have enough electronic parts, you can bug junction boxes in the city to keep track of enemy movements. How immersive!

Call in a weapons dealer – You’re the boss. You shouldn’t have to run to your weapons and supplies dealer. They should come to you. Once you unlock the portable radio, you can summon underlings to your location.

Customize your vehicle – Aside from stocking up on weapons and supplies, your dealers also provide you with a vehicle customization menu where you can upgrade your car.

Become a crime boss – Well, I mean… that’s the name of the game.

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