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All the News From the Sony Tokyo Game Show 2016 Conference For Your Convenience

PS Vita colors

All the News From the Sony Tokyo Game Show 2016 Conference For Your Convenience

For your perusal.

Sony opened with an epic rap remix – Sony collaborated with Japanese group Tofubeats to write an original rap song, introducing all the games that were coming to the PS4, Vita, and PSVR in the coming months. There were also air horns.

Final Fantasy XV got a new trailer – Final Fantasy XV got a trailer showing off a bunch of new cutscenes we haven’t seen before. And to top it all off, Square Enix also used the classic Final Fantasy theme. Talk about nostalgia.

Final Fantasy XV Themed PS4 Slim announced – As if to stop people feeling so hurt and sad over the XV delay, director Hajime Tabata showed up on stage to reveal a new Final Fantasy XV ‘Luna Edition’ PS4 Slim. It looks super stylish.

Watch Dogs 2 reveals its bad guy – Watch Dogs 2 also got some time to shine at Sony’s TGS conference. The game got a brand new trailer that showed off the environments of San Francisco, as well as the main antagonist Douchean Nemek. What a name.

The PS Vita isn’t dead – Alright, so it might be a little bit dead. But that doesn’t mean that Vita owners can’t pamper themselves by buying the same handheld in two different colors. The PS Vita will be getting two colors in Japan: metallic red, and silver.

NieR: Automata gets a release date – NieR: Automata got a cryptic and very confusing trailer that had a lot of crying and screaming. Par for the course when it comes to a Yoko Taro game, I suppose. But more importantly, Automata now has a firm release date in February!

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue gets delayed – Womp womp. Kingdom Hearts 2.8 received a very stylish new trailer at Sony’s conference, and we even got a glimpse of Ventus (!) in Fragmentary Passage. Unfortunately, it’s been pushed back to January 2017.

Earth Defense Force 5 gets announced – If you love giant bugs, fighting giant bugs, and watching giant bugs terrorize a city, here’s some good news. Earth Defense Force 5 has been announced for the PS4.

Saga Scarlet Grace gets a gameplay trailer and release date – Saga Scarlet Grace is looking really pretty and elegant in this new trailer. It’s also coming out this year for the PS Vita.

Nioh is getting a worldwide release – One of the biggest announcements at Sony’s conference from today, Nioh will be releasing in February 2017 everywhere in the world.

Koei Tecmo announces Musou Stars – This is honestly pretty epic if you’ve been a huge fan of Koei Tecmo’s games. Imagine beating up Ryu Hayabusa as a character from Atelier Sophie in this crossover.

Biohzard celebrates its 20th anniversary with a weird J-Rock group collab – Nothing gets weirder than this. Japanese group L’arc-En-Ciel is producing a VR music video to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the very scary and terrifying Biohazard series.

Hideo Kojima makes an appearance – No new gameplay footage, but Hideo Kojima did show up to talk about the meaning behind Death Stranding’s title, as well as what we can expect from the game.

Granblue Fantasy – Project Re:Link to get PSVR support -Project Re:Link is looking really pretty in this new TGS trailer, and it’s been announced that it will have PSVR support as well. It’s just a little disappointing that we won’t see it till 2018.

We got more tiny Aloy – Horizon Zero Dawn was also featured in Sony’s TGS conference today, and we got to watch a very stunning new trailer that showed off the game’s world before the machines took over. Also, more tiny Aloy.

New Danganronpa V3 finally gets gameplay footage – Danganronpa 2 ended on a rather epic cliffhanger, so it’s nice to finally see New Danganronpa V3 in action, along with its new cast of characters. Also, there seem to be five Monokumas.

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