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All 31 PSVR Games Available at Launch

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All 31 PSVR Games Available at Launch

Maximum immersion!

100ft Robot Golf – 100ft Robot Golf will be available on PSVR at launch, and will allow players to take control of oversized robots as they try their hand at golf. Amazing!

Battlezone – Battlezone allows players to take control of a tank, which they can upgrade and outfit with various weapons as they see fit. Players will then process to destroy things on the ground.

Batman: Arkham VR – Someone is threatening Batman’s friends, and he’s not having any of that. Become one of the greatest detectives in the world, and solve a mystery with super high-tech gadgets in VR. Or rather, PSVR.

Bound – Bound is a platformer game where players must use beautiful dance moves to get around a beautiful and stylish world. Make sure to take breaks in between your VR jumping stints.

Driveclub VR – Driveclub is back, and this time you’ll get to cruise around in a sweet new ride using the PSVR system. The game will come with a single-player career mode, along with multiplayer modes as well.

EVE: Valkyrie – Become a space pirate, and blow other ships up in space! EVE: Valkyrie will allow you to upgrade your fleet of pirate ships and become the most terrifying force in outer space.

Harmonix Music VR – Harmonix Music VR comes packed with beautiful 3D artwork for you to just chill with your favorite tunes.

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X – Miku and her vocaloid friends need your help restoring the crystals of the world. Change outfits mid-song in virtual reality!

Headmaster – If you like soccer, this might be a good choice for you. Players are trapped in a facility where they’re… forced to improve their ball-kicking skills?

Here They Lie – It’s a horror experience in VR. And there are no checkpoints. Good luck, and watch your corners.

Hustle Kings VR – Step in a virtual pool hall where you’ll get to play tons of cue sports like 8-Ball and Snooker. Perfect for home practice before showing off your sick skills to your friends.

Job Simulator – Here’s a game where you can become literally anything you want. A chef, an office worker, a clerk – you name, Job Simulator’s probably got it.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes – There’s a time bomb ticking down. You need to talk it out with your friends if you want to defuse the bomb and get out alive.

Loading Human – The story starts off with your father asking you to venture into space to save his life. You, of course, must oblige, and step into a VR space.

Sports Bar VR – Developed by Cherry Pop Games, Sports Bar VR allows you to step into a social world where you get to play all sorts of bar games, like pinball and darts.

Super Stardust VR – This version of Super Stardust allows players to actually jump into a plane cockpit and come face-to-face with your airborne enemies.

PlayStation VR Worlds – PSVR Worlds is a collection of games/experiences – The London Heist, Ocean Descent, VR Luge, Danger Ball, and Scavenger Odyssey.

Rez Infinite – Rez has an amazing soundtrack, and now with the PSVR system, you’ll really get to soak in its sounds and colorful sights as you blast through waves of enemies.

RIGS Mechanized Combat League – Here’s a robot sports league where players get to take control of robots as they duke it out in a series of robot battles in large arenas.

Rise of the Tomb Raider – Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Anniversary comes with the new Blood Ties DLC that lets you explore the Croft mansion in super immersive VR.

Superhypercube – Superhypercube is a mini puzzle game that contains tons of levels that get even more challenging as you progress further in.

The Assembly – The Assembly is an interactive story where you get to make morally ambiguous decisions that will affect the outcome of the adventure.

Playroom VR – Playroom VR will be available as a free download on the store, and you’ll get to play games with those creepy tiny robots living inside your PS4 system. Now in VR.

Thumper – Thumper is a rhythm game with nine challenging levels. There is also a lot of speed involved, so playing this in VR will be quite the doozy.

Tumble VR – Tumble VR is a puzzle game from Supermassive Games, and it comes with light brainteasers and other challenges that will test your dexterity.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood – It’s not a sequel to Until Dawn, but it is a pretty awesome-looking on-rails shooter where you go through an abandoned amusement park.

Volume: Coda – Volume: Coda comes with the original campaign, along with 30 new levels for you to check out. It’s also going to be free for those who already own Volume.

Wayward Sky – Here’s a third-person adventure story that comes packed with a few puzzles here and there. There’s a larger focus on storytelling in Wayward Sky as well.

World War Toons – World War Toons is a first-person shooter where you can fight against other players in a variety of modes, and even change your classes on the go.

Waddle Home – The penguins need your help! Waddle Home will have players guide a bunch of lost penguins through mazes to get to their rescue ship. It’s a very noble deed.

Resident Evil 7: Kitchen Demo – The Beginning Hour was scary enough in VR, but the Resident Evil 7 Kitchen demo will let you see where the roots of this new entry began.

EVE: Gunjack – Here’s another PSVR space game that takes place in the EVE universe. Players will have to protect their ships and allies from evil space pirates.

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