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The Best Destiny Year Two Exotic Weapons: All 37 Ranked

Destiny: Rise of Iron

The Best Destiny Year Two Exotic Weapons: All 37 Ranked

The best a Guardian can get.

During Destiny Year One there was an amazing Legendary sniper rifle known as the Black Hammer. In Year Two, that weapon was revived as the Exotic Black Spindle and is still kicking ass and taking names. It’s high impact, and White Nail perk (instantly reloads after three consecutive precision shots), make it a serious threat against any foe. Raid bosses better beware.

If you’ve forayed into the Crucible, you may have found yourself cursing out this particular Exotic Scout Rifle. It’s a favorite of many thanks to it’s balanced rate of fire, range, impact, and stability. Throw in that insane reload speed and it’s a nightmare for the competition. On top of it all, it makes the Guardian wielding it much faster, so yeah, no running from this weapon.

After getting a taste for sword action during vanilla Destiny and leading up to The Dark Below, fans everywhere wished for a powerful blade they could carry anywhere. Bungie responded with Legendary swords in The Taken King that could then be upgraded to Exotics through a challenging questline. These weapons proved to be powerful, and the three different burns all serve their purpose elegantly. Whether it’s taking out groups with the Dark-Drinker or tearing up a single target with a Raze-Lighter, you can’t go wrong with a sword.

Placing The Last Word in the right hands can lead to devastating effects in both PvE and PvP. It’s not just that this Hand Cannon is powerful, it’s its speed that makes it a force to be reckoned with. It can be fired as fast as you can pull the trigger, and reloaded pretty swiftly as well. When you throw in the improved hip-fire stability, battlefields become the wild west.

Tlaloc is a Scout Rifle that is actually exclusive to Warlocks. While the other two class-exclusive weapons were considered to be a bit underwhelming, Tlaloc is actually extraordinarily overpowered. It becomes better as you charge up, keeps your grenades charged, and grows even more useful as you take damage. It’s just constantly improving during a fight.

Bungie went all out designing a rewarding quest for Destiny’s newest Raid Exotic. The Touch of Malice had players explore every nook and cranny of The Taken King while also putting them up against the game’s toughest challenges. In the end they were rewarded with a stunning, unique weapon that was birthed in darkness.

When Gjallarhorn was cut from the Year Two exotic offerings, heavy weapons seemed to take a big hit. It turned out that most people had forgotten how awesome Truth was with it’s tracking and smart detonation. But Guardians everywhere were soon reminded how useful this weapon was.

Primary weapons with elemental damage aren’t exactly common in Destiny, and that makes Zhalo Supercell such a standout. It’s Arc damage can jump between targets making it a perfect tool for close quarters combat and hordes of enemies.

There’s something about shotguns that make them extremely fun to use in Crucible and close-quarters combat. The Universal Remote builds on that innate sense of fun by being a primary weapon with some solid range for a shotgun. That means no shortage of ammo while playing PvP and a whole lot of angry Guardians.

Plan C remains as one of the most reliable and powerful fusion rifles in the Crucible through Year Two. Fusion riflers will always appreciate its great all around stats and skilled players can use its zero charge exotic perk to frustrate enemies.


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