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21 E3 2015 Games and Announcements That Still Aren’t Here


21 E3 2015 Games and Announcements That Still Aren’t Here

A lot of stuff got announced last year. And a lot of it is still not here.

It’s already been a year since E3 2015, and since then we’ve seen one of the best years of gaming in a long time. Many long-awaited games finally hit shelves last year, like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Halo 5: Guardians, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Fallout 4, and Rise of the Tomb Raider. It was a wild year for games and announcements, but there are a surprising number of games and projects from the show that we haven’t heard much from since then.

One of the most notable absences from last year’s E3 is Microsoft’s augmented reality headset, Hololens. At least year’s Microsoft conference, we got an impressive and lengthy demo of Minecraft running with Hololens: displaying the power of the hardware by showing a chunk of the blocky world rendered on the table in front of the player. At the time it seemed like this was Microsofts primary jab at the “reality technology” market, but we’ve yet to hear much about the device since then. It’s clear that the Hololens is still very much in development, but perhaps we shouldn’t expect a retail-ready version for the foreseeable future. In the meantime, it looks like Microsoft might be teaming up with Oculus in a big way to get the Rift running on Xbox.

Perhaps less surprisingly, we’ve also yet to hear anything concrete about Shenmue 3 since its surprise unveiling at last year’s Sony E3 conference. After massive success with Kickstarter and extra support from Sony, it looks like the game is in full-swing development. But games take a long time to make, and Shenmue has always been a big undertaking in the past, so maybe we shouldn’t get our hopes up to play the game for several more years.

Last year during the same conference we got a pair of other pretty huge surprises: The Last Guardian and a Final Fantasy VII remake on PS4. It was incredibly exciting to see both long-awaited and long-desired titles to make an appearance, and it looks like we’ll be hearing more from The Last Guardian at this year’s E3. As for FFVII? Well, it could be a similar situation to Shenmue 3. We don’t know that how far into development the game is, and with the team also releasing Final Fantasy XV later this year, VII could be farther down the road than we initially imagined.

Let’s not forget about some of the other happy surprises that contributed to last year’s great show: Kenji Inafune’s ReCore and Ghost Recon: Wildlands. ReCore came out of nowhere, but looks very intriguing and conceptually original. Wildlands also came out of left field, as it seems to be completely abandoning the “future” theme of Ghost Recon’s last few entries for a new co-op open-world take on the tactical shooter. Both games show great promise and had great reveals, but we’ve heard next to nothing about either since last year, shy of a few Wildlands developer videos. There’s a ton more to talk about, so let’s dive into the rest of the games on our list.

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