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20 Major Third-Party Games the Nintendo Switch Needs to Succeed


20 Major Third-Party Games the Nintendo Switch Needs to Succeed

More is always better.

Arguably one of the biggest video game franchises out there, Call of Duty’s absence from a platform is most certainly noticeable. Bringing that compelling multiplayer to the Switch will be one way to keep players gaming on their Switch.

One genre that both the Wii and Wii U were lacking was the open world genre, and with Red Dead Redemption 2 due to release late next year it’s the perfect way to showcase the Switch’s power.

Players can’t get enough of assassinating Templars and exploring cities of the past. With the series being a blockbuster success, it’d be one of a few perfect titles to show the Switch is getting the third party support its predecessors lacked.

With its huge 64-player multiplayer carnage, Battlefield is always at the forefront of the FPS scene. A series necessary for the Switch’s library.

The Witcher 3 was garnered with countless GOTY awards in 2015 and stands as one of the best titles of this generation. While it’s still a way off, Cyberpunk 2077 looks to be just as ambitious and would provide a deep RPG for Switch players.

What better way to whittle away your free time than with Overwatch. With a roster that continues to expand, and free content continuing to release, Overwatch looks set to stay relevant for quite some time.

With a shift towards online co-operative gameplay, Wildlands could possible be the first that the Switch could receive. Considering Nintendo consoles aren’t often associated with online play, this could be one of many titles to change that.

With its simple turn-based combat, The Fractured but Whole is the perfect game to take with you on the go. If the Switch turns out to be a hybrid console, that is.

Being able to play a full-fledged Resident Evil game both on the go or in front of your screen would be perfect. With Resident Evil 7 due to release just prior to the Switch’s release this could be a high-profile addition to the launch lineup.

Arguably the biggest RPG series, Final Fantasy hasn’t seen a single-player release in its numbered timeline in a good few years. Releasing later this year, a port for the Switch’s launch lineup wouldn’t go amiss.

Destiny has managed to maintain a steady install base since its release back in 2014. With a sequel rumored to be on the way sometime in the future, a Switch version would allow Nintendo fans to finally jump into the shoes of a Guardian.

While Nintendo fans have had Smash Bros. to scratch the fighter itch, there’s rarely many others if they want a change of fighters and mechanics. Set to have a giant roster of comic book characters and building on the fast-paced action of the first title, Injustice 2 could be the fighter Switch fans desperately need.

Nintendo fans largely missed out on the original Mass Effect trilogy only getting a port of Mass Effect 3 on the Wii U. With Andromeda marking the start of a new saga, it’d be the perfect time for Nintendo fans to jump into the series.

Arguably one of the most detailed and extensive worlds to have been put into a game, the world of Skyrim is teeming with life, enemies, and quests for players to experience at their own leisure. With the game being remastered for PS4 and Xbox One, it could be the perfect time for the title to make its debut on a Nintendo platform.

Tekken 7 looks to freshen up the series’ tried and test fighting mechanics, and add in Street Fighter’s Akuma to really mix the story up too. Another fighting title to help diversify the Switch’s third party offerings.

Minecraft is almost a no-brainer. Having released on almost every major platform since its release and some really sweet Nintendo-themed skins coming to the Wii U version, a version taking advantage of the Switch’s power would be welcomed with open arms.

For Honor looks to try something a little different compared to the current landscape of releases, focusing on hack and slash combat. With it being one of Ubisoft’s major titles for 2017, it seems like the perfect candidate for a third party Switch launch title.

Due to be heading to the PS4 and Xbox One at some point in the near future, Armored Core will be the next series coming to us courtesy of FromSoftware. For those Nintendo fans desperately wanting to try their hand at the developer’s challenging gameplay, Armored Core would most definitely accommodate them.

With its unique blend of RPG and social simulation gameplay, the Persona series has a huge cult following. While it’s unlikely we’ll see Persona 5 make its way to any platform other than a Sony one, we sure can dream.

You can’t overlook how significant annual sports titles are to a platform’s third party lineup. With off the charts replayability, a number of different modes, and realism only getting better each year, these are a must for the Switch.

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