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15 Hairstyles We’d Love to See Bayonetta Rock in Her Third Installment

Bayonetta 3

15 Hairstyles We’d Love to See Bayonetta Rock in Her Third Installment

Bayonetta rocked the beehive hairstyle in her first game, so maybe she might bring it back in Bayonetta 3. This time, though, she’s rocking twice the style with two beehives. Too crazy? Maybe. But it’s Umbran Witch we’re talking about here.

Maybe a whip-like hairstyle might suit the Umbran Witch in Bayonetta 3? Aside from looking pretty flashy, she could even use it as her own weapon. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get all mangled and tangled when she fights.

Long bangs have pretty much gone out of style, but Bayonetta could easily bring it back. Covering your face with hair is a sure way to look mysterious, if not edgy. And we all know Bayonetta is a bit of both.

The witch shocked her fans with short hair in the second game, but what if she takes it up a notch? A mohawk would be pretty radical, even for Bayonetta, but this hair would definitely suit her rockstar personality.

Bayonetta’s hair would swirl up whenever she would summon Infernal Demons to help her out. In Bayonetta 3, she could keep the swirling hair motif and style it as two huge pigtails.

The Umbran Witch could keep her short hairstyle in Bayonetta 3, but layer it a bit for an edgier look. The hair would also hug the face a bit, defining more of her sharper facial features. Since there are so many close-up shots of Bayonetta’s face, this would be a great hairstyle.

Bayonetta could easily trade her long and short hair for some luscious locks instead. You can never go wrong with smooth and silky hair, and not to mention that it would make the witch look much more like a femme fatale in Bayonetta 3.

Another take on short hair, this style comes off as a bit more retro compared to her look from the second game. This 80’s coiffure looks rebellious and refreshing compared to most of the hairstyles we see nowadays.

Having full bangs with long, dark hair would really make Bayonetta seem more like a traditional witch. To avoid looking too cliche, maybe they can layer her hair a bit for a more streamlined look in Bayonetta 3.

Give Bayonetta some shoulder-length hair with some highlights and she’s raring to go kill some demons. Moreover, some red highlights would be a great nod to the ribbons she had in the first game.

Like a true lady, Bayonetta is graceful as she is sensual. That said, giving her a neatly tied bun would show off a different dainty side of the Umbran Witch we haven’t seen before.

Bayonetta could keep her beehive hairstyle in the next game but with a long, flowing ponytail this time around. Having a ponytail would help show off more of her hair without covering most of her body.

Ponytails? Dainty buns? Short hair? Just place a big ball of floof on Bayonetta’s head and call it a day. In all seriousness, though, having some wispy, fluffy hair would give her that fabulous “I woke up like this” look in Bayonetta 3.

For a more mystical-esque hairstyle, Bayonetta’s hair could just be some kind of spiraling mess that floats around her body. Heck, maybe instead of looking like actual hair, it would be some kind of ethereal, smoky substance instead.

An afro would probably be one of the more suitable hairstyles for Bayonetta. Seeing as how the foxy witch loves to boogie on the battlefield, what better hairstyle to have than an afro? And, hey, even if she doesn’t end up having this floofy hairstyle, it would still make a great alternate outfit in Bayonetta 3.

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