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15 Best VR Games to Look Forward to in 2018


15 Best VR Games to Look Forward to in 2018

Step into 2018’s virtual realities.

The Inpatient – 23/1 PSVR – The Inpatient, Supermassive Games’ VR horror experience that takes place in the world of Until Dawn, albeit much earlier, was originally scheduled to release in late 2017. You play as a patient in the insane asylum who suffers from amnesia but is attempting to reclaim their memories. It looks terrifying and the presentation quality that was so impressive in Until Dawn seems to have transferred over well. It comes to PSVR on Jan. 23.

Bravo Team VR – 7/3 PSVR – Bravo Team is another PSVR title from Supermassive Games that was originally supposed to release in late 2017. It is unlike their other titles, however. Rather than being horror themed, it is a online co-op shooter that puts the action on rails or sorts. The fights will be intense and it’ll take advantage of the PS Move Aim Controller. It will release on March. 7.

Transference – June PSVR, Oculus, Vive – Transference is a physiological thriller from Ubisoft Montreal and Elijah Wood’s studio, Spectrevision, and will be coming to PSVR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive in June. It blends live action and what you’re playing to see you re-live the horrifying memories of people who have suffered from PTSD.

Moss – Feb PSVR – Cute third-person adventure game, Moss, sees you explore as mouse named Quill, solving puzzles as you go. The puzzles tower above you as you take out tiny enemies with you sword. It’s coming to PlayStation VR in February and there’s a demo available now so that you can get to know Quill before the full game releases.

Vacation Simulator – PSVR, Oculus – Job Simulator (2016) is one of the best and most ridiculous VR experiences around and the creators are expanding the world with Vacation Simulator. You’ll undoubtedly do menial tasks, see funny things, and throw stuff at robots. Only time will tell if it makes you laugh as much as 2016’s game. It will come to PSVR and Oculus later in the year.

Echo Combat – Oculus – Ready at Dawn’s Lone Echo, and the sports spin-off Echo Arena, are cool VR experiences. Another related, zero-G title, Echo Combat, will come to Oculus in 2018. We haven’t seen anything from it yet, but since it is following such popular and high quality titles, it will surely be something to look out for.

Marvel Powers United VR – Oculus – The power and popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was always going to lead to a VR game sooner rather than later. Marvel Powers United VR is an arena brawler than sees you take on other players using to character roster’s super powers. The heroes confirmed to be playable include The Incredible Hulk, Rocket Raccoon, Captain Marvel, and Deadpool. It is coming to Oculus Rift later in the year.

Sprint Vector – Oculus, PSVR – Q1 – Sprint Vector is unlikely to be for the faint hearted. It is racing game that sees you propelled forward by the movement of your arm. By swinging them in a steady rhythm, you begin to sprint around the course, leaping over gaps and climbing cliffs. It looks like immense fun and, surprisingly, it’s unlikely to make you feel unwell. It’ll land on Oculus and PSVR in the first quarter of 2018.

Brass Tactics – Oculus, Feb 28 – Brass Tactics isn’t as fast paced or bombastic as some of the other games on this list. Instead, it sees the real-time strategy genre make its way to VR. It’s from the minds of some of the best strategy game developers and brings your favorite table top games to life. It’ll come to Oculus Rift on Feb. 28.

Ark Park – PSVR, Oculus, Spring – Ark: Survival Evolved has been hugely popular even since it was in early access. Now, a VR spin-off called Ark Park will be coming to PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift sometime this Spring. It will feature the same type of multiplayer adventure as the main game and, of course, dinosaur riding. What could be better in VR?

Toran – Toran is a sci-fi puzzle adventure that sees you solve holographic puzzles while in stunning locations. The focus on the game is complete immersion, aided by detailed audio development. It looks set to be a beautiful and challenging VR experience and it will come to HTC Vive later in the year.

Jupiter and Mars – PSVR – Summer – One of the main selling points of VR is how it amazes you through discovery. Jupiter and Mars certainly does that. Alongside someone else, you take control of a dolphin and explore a stunning neon-lit world that has been entirely immersed in water. You explore what is left of the human world, marvelling at the sights as you go. It will come to PlayStation VR this Summer.

Bebylon Battle Royale – Rift, Vive, PSVR – Bebylon Battle Royale is certainly one of the strangest games coming to VR headsets in 2018. Set on a planet far, far away, humans have stopped ageing and the so called ‘Bebys’ are battling it out for control. It will come to Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR later in the year.

Golem – PSVR – Golem was originally revealed at PSX a couple of years ago and looked exciting. Using just one Move Controller for both exploration and sword combat, you play as an injured boy who explores some ancient ruins. It is from some of the minds behind the Halo series, so the combat is likely to be very strong. Hopefully we’ll see it soon.

Budget Cuts – Vive – Budget Cuts was one of the first games to promise a full gaming experience for the HTC Vive. An excellent demo released 18 months ago to much acclaim but we haven’t seen a whole lot since. It is a stealth combat title that will see you sneak through vents, taking out anything that is in the way. It is still due to release later in the year.

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