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15 Video Game Characters That Surprisingly Share the Same Voice Actor

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15 Video Game Characters That Surprisingly Share the Same Voice Actor

The video game world is full of so many diverse characters and voices. We’ve got talking blue hedgehogs and Italian Assassin’s from The Third Crusade. But while so many of the games in the medium are lead by varied casts, a lot of them share a common thread thanks to their voice actor.

You’ll certainly recognize names like Troy Baker and Tara Strong, but may be surprised when you find out they tweaked their well-known voices in a slight way to make them unrecognizable. The same can be said for lesser-known talents as well, even if they may voice some of your favorite characters. There is obviously a reason that these people are professional voice actors.

From Shrek to the Norse god Baldur, here is a list of video game characters you may not have known shared a voice actor or actress, along with the respective artist’s name.

Do you have any interesting character overlaps that you’ve found? Feel a certain way about finding out Sonic and Ezio are voiced by the same person? Be sure to leave a comment in the section below. Also, don’t forget to look through the rest of Twinfinite for more interesting video game and entertainment pieces like this one.

Troy Baker as Pagan Min (Far Cry 4) and Kai Leng (Mass Effect 3)

Troy Baker is one of the most notable video game voice actors around, staring in beloved titles like Bioshock Infinite and The Last of Us. But the American voice actor has played his fair share of unique supporting roles too, even as an antagonist.

One of those antagonists was Pagan Min, which really doesn’t sound much like Baker at first, thanks to a dastardly English accent. Interestingly enough Baker was also the voice of Kai Leng in Mass Effect 3, though Leng didn’t talk much. Something tells me Min and Leng’s master, The Illusive Man, would have gotten along well.

Jen Taylor as Cortana (Halo Series) and Zoey (Left 4 Dead)

There is no Master Chief without Cortana. Their relationship transcends that of a simple soldier and his artificial intelligence. Played by actress Jen Taylor, the A.I being known to the Halo franchise has seen just as much action as Chief. That includes battling the parasite like zombies known as the flood.

It seems Taylor took a bit of that knowledge and bestowed it upon one of her other famous roles, as Zoe in the Left 4 Dead franchise. It is odd to see the voice of Cortana outside of the holographic body, but a second glance does make it seem like Zoe would be what Cortana would look like as a human though.

Dameon Clarke as Nathan Spencer (Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3) and Handsome Jack (Borderlands Series)

Dameon Clarke must really have a thing for characters with replaced body parts, as he has voiced both the Bionic Commando (Nathan Spencer) and Handsome Jack, two polar opposite characters. Where Spencer is a courageous military hero, Jack is a dictator that uses military might and firepower to accomplish his goals.

While he only played Nathan Spencer in the fighting game mashup Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, it’s fun to see that he did and then compare it to the psychotic Hyperion ruler that is Handsome Jack in the Borderlands series.

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