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Top 15 Best PS4 Skins to Pretty Up Your System Right Now


Top 15 Best PS4 Skins to Pretty Up Your System Right Now

Make your PS4 unique.


No Star Wars character is more iconic than Darth Vader, and this colorful skin is the perfect way to represent everyone’s favorite villain. You can pick it up on <a href=”;qid=1484091265&amp;sr=8-2-spons&amp;keywords=ps4+skins&amp;psc=1″>Amazon</a> for just $25.

If you want a bit of a retro throwback for your PS4, this skin will let you give your console the look of a PS1. Don’t get thrown off by those buttons on the top though. You can grab this one for cheap on <a href=”;qid=1484091601&amp;sr=8-3&amp;keywords=ps4+skins”>Amazon</a> for just $8.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe may be all the rage these days, but this Spider-Man comic skin is perfectly nostalgic. It looks like an image ripped right off the front page, with a neat controller skin to go along with it. This one can be bought off <a href=””>Skinit</a> for $39.99.

If you’re looking for a skin a bit cuter for your PS4, you can’t go wrong with Hello Kitty. This vibrant pink decal set is sure to draw people’s eye, along with the adorable controller. It’s on <a href=””>Skinit</a> for $39.99

Here’s the perfect skin for any musician, adding some class to your PS4 with a page of antique looking sheet music. It’ll certainly give your system a wholly unique feel. Grab it off of <a href=””>Skinit</a> for $39.99.

This neat PS4 skin adorns your console with a slick black-and-white version of Goku and his iconic emblem. The symbol looks especially good on controllers, and if you stand your PS4 up you’ll also get it on the bottom of the system. Grab this one off of <a href=”;qid=1484092572&amp;sr=8-5&amp;keywords=ps4+skins”>Amazon</a> for just $8.

This skin may not have a special design from a series, but it has a pretty neat dual design to it. You’ll give your system the look of cracked marble, while also providing an interesting mix of black and white on top of each other. Grab it off of <a href=””>Skinit</a> for $39.99

Attack on Titan is easily one of the most popular anime series around, but this skin can give you a little bit of a different take on it. These chibi characters give some cute flair to your PS4, and the controller is an especially nice touch. Buy it off of <a href=””>Skinit</a> for $39.99

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