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Top 15 Best Xbox One S Skins to Pretty Up Your System Right Now

Xbox One - Doctor Who

Top 15 Best Xbox One S Skins to Pretty Up Your System Right Now

Modern design.

Superman – DC Xbox One S

Superman is quite possibly the most iconic comic book character of all time, so it’s no surprise there is an overlay of him for the Xbox One S. The Man of Steel himself can be yours if you purchase this overlay from SkinIt for $34.99.

StormTrooper – Star Wars Xbox One S

While Darth Vader may get a lot of skins, this one focusing on the lowly StormTroopers from The Force Awakens is pretty cool. Not only does it have an interesting design but the controller decals look fantastic too. Pick this one up from Amazon for $12.00.

Pokemon Xbox One S

If you’re looking to display your love for Pokemon across all your gaming systems, why not pick up this skin that showcases quite a bunch of the pocket monsters. Featuring Pokemon across various generations this skin can be purchased from Amazon for $12.80.

Rise of Iron – Destiny

For those like myself who have wasted countless hours in Destiny, why not show off your pride for The Tower and The Traveler with this skin? You can purchase this overlay on Amazon for $16.95.

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is one of the most beloved animes of all time thanks to its wonderful characters, great action, and awesome action sequences. If you are looking to display your love for this show then grab this skin for $13.20 at Amazon.

Spider-Man – Marvel Skins

There are a lot of Spider-Man skins and variations out there, but this classic homage to the comics really adds some color to your system. However, this one is on the pricey side at $34.99 from SkinIt.

Mixtape Skins

While this homages Guardians of the Galaxy’s cassette tape, this simplistic design is actually a pretty cool layout for your Xbox One S and controller. Currently, available on SkinIt for $34.99 this high-quality overlay will bring a bit of old to your new console.

Boba Fett – Star Wars Skins

One of the most famous Star Wars characters in the entire franchise, you can buy this awesome Boba Fett skin from Amazon for $12.00 and pretend like he totally didn’t die like a punk in Return of the Jedi.

Captain America – Marvel Skins

Captain America has gained some serious popularity over the years thanks to Marvel’s movie series and nothing is more synonymous with this hero than his shield. This skin showcases that famed weapon and looks rather awesome across both the controllers and system itself. You can grab it on Amazon for $14.99.

Psychadelic Skins

If you’re looking to not pick up a skin featuring a licensed character, then this awesome pattern design from SkinIt is what you’re looking for. Not only is the design clean and colorful, but it works nicely on both the system and controllers. However, this overlay is rather pricey and will run you around $34.99.

Sword Art Online Xbox One S Skins

SAO is one of the most popular anime in the past few years thanks to its character, story, and action. While there are quite a few skins from this anime, the prominent featuring of Kirito and Asuna looks great on the system. Grab it on Amazon right now for $12.00

Guitar Xbox One S Skins

While this overlay is rather simplistic in design, the close up of an acoustic guitar works nicely with both the system and console. The cool wooden finish works nicely to contrast the sleek, modern design of the Xbox One S and its controllers. This skin is currently available on SkinIt for $34.99.

Loki – Marvel Xbox One S Skins

If you’re in the market for something on the cuter side then this adorable cartoonish Loki may be right up your alley. Thankfully, the actual design of Loki isn’t obstructed by the buttons on the controller – just don’t get distracted by his adorable scowl. You can purchase this overlay for $34.99 on SkinIt.

Doctor Who Xbox One S Skins

The best thing about this colorful skin is it doesn’t matter which version of The Doctor you prefer. The police box is an iconic staple for this BBC series and looks great against the white color of the Xbox One S. You can pick this one up for $12.00 on Amazon.

Cosmic Xbox One S Skins

Perhaps one the best looking skins out there, this awesome design looks visually stunning on both the console and controllers. The great use of reds and blues work great across the controllers and has a real organic flow to the whole thing. This skin is available on Amazon for $16.99.

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