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15 Red Dead Redemption 2 Mysteries That No One’s Figured Out Yet

Red Dead Redemption 2

15 Red Dead Redemption 2 Mysteries That No One’s Figured Out Yet

Red Dead Redemption 2 has been out long enough that players have combed the entire map, leaving no stone unturned. Despite this, there are still plenty of mysteries in the title plaguing gamers.

Below is a list of 15 of the biggest head-scratchers players have yet to solve in Red Ded Redemption 2.

Legendary Channel Catfish

Located in Rio Bravo is a mythical fish that seemingly can’t be caught, as fishermen have tried for years to get the Legendary Channel Catfish. And while it is listed in-game as catchable, players seem to be having the same amount of difficulty nabbing the fish.

Even though it apparently weighs 180 pounds and is over 90 inches long, no one has managed to get it. So is Rockstar simply catfishing fans? Or is this legendary creature truly catchable?

Emerald Ranch

The only thing creepier than a young girl standing in a window is knowing that she never leaves it. And the only thing creepier than that is when the house is locked, riddled with bullet holes and blood, features many graves, and has hostile farm hands protecting it.

Combine that into one big jar of creepy and you’ll have the Emerald Ranch girl. Many have speculated as to who she could be, but no one can figure the situation out.

MISSING: Princess Isabeau Katharina Zinsmeister of Luxembourg

Scattered throughout Red Dead Redemption 2, you’ll find posters offering a reward for Isabeau Katharina Zinsmeister, Princess of Luxembourg. If you head to Silas Crawford Wholesale & Retail, toys and a luggage case with the initials “I-K-Z” can be found.

These initials fit our missing princess and the toys and suitcase size also indicate they belong to a young girl. None of this actually leads you to her though, leaving only theories as to where she is currently.

Blackwater Aztec Writing

If you save a man from getting robbed in an alleyway outside of the Blackwater saloon, you’ll be prompted to inspect a set of mysterious drawings on the wall. The drawings feature Aztec-like symbols written in a line, seemingly forming a sentence.

Upon further inspection, these symbols can be found written all over town. No exact translation is known for what they mean.

Strawberry Mayor’s Secrets

Politicians are always up to no good and Red Dead Redemption 2 is no different. In this case, it seems the Mayor of Strawberry, Nicholas Timmins, has a lot of dirty little secrets.

Random events are triggered throughout the town, as he’ll give speeches that lead you to believe he is up to no good. Players have found numerous things, from a letter to his sister indicating he may be gay to a theory that he has his wife locked up in their home’s basement.

Unfortunately, Timmins’ house is inaccessible. So if his wife is locked up, there is no way to save her.

Giant Behind the Boulder

Red Dead Redemption 2 rewards players who have studied over 30 animals with an interesting easter egg. Following the right steps, they’ll be able to find and talk to a Giant hidden behind a big boulder.

The Giant is rather friendly, but also incredibly lonely. Outside of a few lines of dialogue, it is impossible to actually meet Arthur’s large new friend though, as he stays behind the rock out of fear.

The original Red Dead allowed players to hunt and kill Bigfoot, so the giant’s reasoning might not be too far off. Still, it is a mystery as to whether players will be able to interact with him past this quaint little conversation.

Who is Gavin?

In Rhodes, an Englishman named Nigel is desperately searching for his missing friend Gavin. While many believe this to be a hint to look for him, no one can find him.

No Gavin’s can be found anywhere on the map, or even in the credits for the game. Not even killing and looting Nigel’s body gives any clues, as he only has a letter detailing that he is lying to his family, stating he and Gavin have struck it rich in the Wild West.

The Strange Man

In the first Red Dead Redemption, The Strange Man is an enigmatic and otherworldly character players encounter throughout the map.

In the prequel, The Strange Man’s presence is once again felt, as he can be seen in a painting – which completes after the epilogue – and in a dialogue sequence in New Austin.

While he is rumored to be the Grim Reaper, little is known about him outside of the fact that he can withstand being shot by Marston in the original.

Armadillo’s Population

Disease and famine are no stranger to towns in the Old West, as it simply came with the times. While this is the case in parts of Red Dead Redemption 2 as well, Armadillo’s has far too extreme of a case.

When visiting the town, most of its inhabitants are either dead or have moved away. Only Herbert Moon, referred to as the towns first citizen, remains healthy, as others suffer from the deadly cholera plague.

Armadillo and Moon both appear in the original, with the town having no disease whatsoever. So the question is raised as to what started and ended this plague and why didn’t it affect Moon?

Saint Denis Vampire

The streets of Saint Denis are stalked by something deadly at night. Located throughout the town are five pieces of texts, in the form of poems, each depicting what a vampire has done to its victims.

Finding all of these texts will lead you to a confrontation with the bloodsucker. While it is possible to find and defeat the Vampire, netting you a powerful weapon for your troubles, the reason behind its existence is still rather baffling.

Desert Whale Skeleton

In Big Valley, West Elizabeth, players can find one of the most puzzling points of Interest in the game. Atop a small hill overlooking Owanjila sits a set of large bones, whale bones to be exact.

Obviously this is considerably far from the sea, so how exactly did these bones get here? Is there any significance behind this placement?

Maybe it’s a loose nod to South Park and Willzyx? Who knows.

The Witch Cauldrons

Witches in Red Dead Redemption 2 are always hostile, resulting in needing to shoot them in the head and blow them up with dynamite to survive the fight.

While their existence in and of itself is interesting, their cauldrons bring about even more questions.

Going up and drinking from these creepy bowls of Witch’s stew will make you pass out. When you wake up, nothing changes.

With no status ailments or honor changes, what exactly is the purpose of drinking from the cauldron other than a quick nap?

Voodoo VeVe

Located throughout Red Dead Redemption 2 are a set of strange symbols, each carved in odd places, usually involving head-scratching scenarios.

Investigation outside of the game reveals they are Haitian symbols for something called Voodoo VeVe.

While a shack can be found relating to Voodoo VeVe, not much else is known about its purpose. Some speculate it has to do with The Strange Man or even Armadillo’s cholera plague and Herbert Moons immunity to it.

Half Moon Worshipers

Multiple areas throughout the game feature caveman like etchings of people seemingly worshiping a half moon. In total, there are four drawings featuring similar markings.

While many think it could be related to the UFO mentioned in the mass suicide note, nothing has been confirmed as concrete.

Aberdeen Floorboards

Red Dead Redemption 2 holds plenty of secrets that can be unlocked using the game’s Eagle Eye feature, as it will highlight hidden items and areas. One of these secrets can be found amongst the floorboards in a house in Aberdeen.

Moving the board reveals a box featuring five squares. Depending on how they are viewed, the items have SL or 75 carved into them.

No meaning for either SL of 75 can be drawn. So why was this placed here?

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