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10 Pieces of Overwatch Ana Fan Art That’ll Make You Love Sniper Mom

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10 Pieces of Overwatch Ana Fan Art That’ll Make You Love Sniper Mom

Hello, sniper mom.

Both Amari women are deadly on the battlefield. Whether it’s Ana’s sniper rifle or Pharah’s battle suit, you definitely shouldn’t underestimate them if you meet them.
(Art by AsieyBarbie)

You know how parents would always give you a band aid and kiss your boo-boo when you got hurt? Yeah, Ana Amari doesn’t follow suit. Instead, she uses her gun, which has to be pretty freaky at first…
(Art by Scott DeWitt)

A theory among Overwatch players is that Mercy and Pharah’s mom didn’t get along with each other. Whether you believe that theory or not, there’s no denying that Mercy definitely got in the ultimate burn before getting shot in the face.
(Art by SuperRisu)

When you see Ana kneeling down and pressing a finger to her lips, you know it’s over for you. Like most snipers, you’ll never see her coming until it’s all too late, and this art capitalizes on that by having her look almost a deadly spectre.
(Art by Kikissh)

We all have things in our life that we regret, even Ana. Not being there for her daughter is always going to haunt her, but she’ll always remember the good times.
(Art by SparkplugIV)

Going off of Ana’s origin video, it’s likely that a young McCree hung around her daughter often, meaning little Pharah probably learned some not so kind words.
(Art by Jununy)

Sure, sniping and healing is all fun and games. But sometimes, you just need to kick back and have some nice tea!
(Art by Spriteling)

As a child, young Pharah looked up to her mother and loved her dearly. Now that she’s learned that the Overwatch sniper isn’t as dead as she thought, there’s some tension.
(Art by the-poop-tart666)

Yeah, yeah, McCree, we’ve heard your whole “It’s High Noon…” bit over and over. Good thing Ms. Amari can keep track of time better than you.
(Art by Thief-n-Queen)



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