The 10 Worst Reviewed PS4 Games of All Time

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5, disappointing, flop, game, 2015

Everybody loves numbers. In terms of reviewing entertainment, numbers are an important barometer that allows one to catch a sneak peak of what the general public thinks of the latest summer blockbuster film or game. Metacritic has become a particularly reliable place for some people, as you can easily search for the latest games and movies, and to see how other people rated them. With the release of summer blockbusters Captain America: Civil War, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and Doom, gamers and casual fans alike are most likely flocking to the site to make sure they know how to spend their well-earned dollar. But with the good comes the bad. You’ve probably never heard of some of these games, that’s how bad they are. Here are the 10 lowest PS4 Metacritic scores.

No, it’s not the name of the latest Adult Swim cartoon. Overlord: Fellowship of Evil is a fantasy action RPG released in October of 2015 that is both published and developed by Codemasters, a British studio who is known for creating the DiRT series. With an abysmal 1.5 user score average, the latest entry in the Overlord series promised to retain the series signature black humor, yet it seems reviewers favored the phrases “train-wreck spin off of a series,” and “one of the most disappointing games of the year.”

Coming off just a shade worse than Overlord: Fellowship of Evil, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 was released last year as a buggy, barren mess of a game. Not only being a sequel, Pro Skater 5 is also similar to Overlord: FOE with its 1.5 user score average. Some reviews seem to try to harken back to the good ole’ days of Pro Skater 2, but Cheat Code Central may best sum up the reviews of the game, as the outlet beckons gamers to “avoid this one like the black plague.” There aren’t any official positive critic reviews, yet there are three times as many negative user reviews at 91 as opposed to nearly 38 negative critic reviews. Looks like Tony Hawk needs to do more than “ride, build, repeat,” for entry number six.

Not only does the latest entry in the Air Conflicts series have a port for previous generation consoles, but it also has more positive user reviews than it does negative. Granted, it has a total of 6 total user reviews, and 10 negative reviews with no mixed or positive critical reviews, but that may say something to the overall critical reception to the game. The game came out way back in September of 2014, and is now listed as $19.99 on Amazon. Yet Metacritic user mujitacaptain claims its “one of the worst games if not the worst games,” he or she ever played.

The tagline for Wander’s 2015 E3 reveal trailer is, “a non-combat, narrative focused MMO,” further cementing its risky endeavor, and its Metacritic scores seem to indicate that this risky endeavor fell flat on its feet. It was released on the PS4 and the PC, but its not just the 28 Metacritic score that encourages players to drift away. PlayStation Official Magazine UK warns gamers that “Wander’s environment fails to reward your curiosity,” and Push Square thinks of the game as “half-baked.”

Basement Crawl promises players the opportunity to “explore dark, sinister areas and be at one with the insanity,” but it seems reviewers weren’t too keen on a game where “staying alive won’t be easy.” Destructoid called Basement Crawl “not only a broken, unfinished game- it’s also a poor one,” yet they definitely weren’t the only ones to feel that way, as evident by the game’s 15 negative reviews and 2.5 user score.

Many games want to promise gamers the ability to drive their cars across a near perfect recreation of the United States, but Motorcycle Club intends to entice gamers with the ability of “full control of where and how you ride.” A user score of 1.8 must mean that users weren’t too keen on such a prospect, or maybe they weren’t in the mood to manage and build their own motorbike club. You can pick up Motorcycle Club for $19.99 if you dare to engage in repetitive races with a poor control scheme.

Apparently, the most prestigious competition in international rugby isn’t very well put together.  A 1.8 user score, with no positive critic or user reviews, many reviewers complained the game was bogged down with too many issues, even if it wasn’t necessarily a straight up horrible game. TheSixthAxis makes the most convincing, and perhaps harshest, assessment of the game, as the outlet stated that “there is little to redeem the myriad of fundamental flaws and inadequacies that are apparent throughout.”


Poor Yasai Ninja. It actually doesn’t have any critical reviews, and only has one user review who seems to be admitting to pirating the game only to see how bad it is. A hack and slash game set in feudal Japan, you’re actually not a long lost warrior, but players will take on samurai and evil warlords who are vegetables. If you have ever wanted to take on a giant samurai who is actually a giant cucumber samurai with a thinly formed moustache, now is your chance.


Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma Volume One should be commended for having a lower score than a game without any critical review scores. Those familiar with the Afro Samurai anime are sure to be familiar with the revenge Kuma seeks, but the reviews seem to indicate the game is broken beyond all repair. Everyeye.it states the “technical side is abysmal,” and Brash Games thinks it is “a stinker of undeniably epic proportions.”

It seems rugby does not translate well into an actual video game. The game is “overwhelmingly disliked,” and PlayStation Official Magazine UK pulls out the sick burn by stating the game is a “shattered kidney of a sports sim.” However, some found more enjoyment out of this game than others, but it looks like it’s just another big swing and a miss for rugby sims.

There you have it, the 10 lowest PS4 Metacritic scores. Have you checked any of those games out? Are you going to? Let us know in the comments below!

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