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10 Gift Ideas Hardcore Destiny Fans Will Love for the Holidays 2018

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10 Gift Ideas Hardcore Destiny Fans Will Love for the Holidays 2018

10 Gift Ideas Hardcore Destiny Fans Will Love for the Holidays 2018

It’s holiday shopping season and most likely, you have at least someone in your life that is a big fan of Destiny (if not yourself), it is quite the popular game after all. So, we have put together this fine list of 10 Destiny-related gift ideas to surprise your lucky friend with.

Destiny Grimoire Anthology

One of the lines that divide the casual fans, from the hardcore ones is the appreciation of Destiny’s lore. The grimoire in Destiny 1 was essential in filling in the blanks of the game’s plot and characters. The official Anthology has 144 pages of grimoire content, all presented in a pretty hardcover book. It’s not out quite yet, so keep that in mind, but you can preorder it now via Bungie’s official store.

Funko Pops and Collectible Figures

It’s cliched at this point, but hey, they are popular for a reason. Some people really like figures. It’s a cost-effective way to show off your pride. There are plenty of figurines and Funko Pops to choose from retailers such as GameStop. Might we suggest Cayde-6 with a Chicken?

Destiny Original Soundtrack

You can’t go wrong with any of the soundtracks, but we’d opt for the first game’s original soundtrack for those nostalgia feels if you’re looking for a gift for someone who is a fan of the game’s music. Amazon has a digital version around if that works.

Destiny Chess Set

Whether you’re shopping for a Chess fan or not (but especially if they do like Chess too), this Destiny Chess Set is just cool to look at. GameStop has it in stock currently online.

Replica Ghost

There’s a wide variety of Ghost Replicas for sale either officially, or through places like Etsy, such as the one we have in the image here. Find one that matches their personality, or actual in-game model.

GuardianCon 2019 Tickets

If you’re near Florida, or getting to Florida isn’t too much of a hassle, you could buy tickets for GuardianCon. It’s a great event that does a lot for charity, and is a fun place for Destiny fans to get together and hang out. Act fast though before they sell out.

High-end Figurines

Want to go for something that is a step up over the Funko Pop stuff? Opt for one of the many high-end figures that are available instead such as this sweet Titan figure from ThinkGeek.

Forsaken Wanted Poster

Whether you’re a Hunter, Titan, or Warlock, we can all agree that Prince Uldren is a total jerkface that deserved what he had coming to him. Celebrate victory with this sweet official Wanted Poster that a big Destiny fan could hang on their wall.


There is a lot of official apparel to choose from on the official Bungie Store, might we suggest going for something timely like we have in the image here? DEATH HEALS PRIMEVAL is something that all Gambit players should know by now…

A Replica of Their Favorite Exotic

Whether it’s this official Iron Gjallarhorn from ThinkGeek, or something off of Etsy, there’s lots of awesome exotic weapon replicas that you can find online that would impress any Destiny fan.

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