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Top 5 Best Co-Op Games of Q4 2017


Top 5 Best Co-Op Games of Q4 2017

The best for two.

Super Mario Odyssey

Top 5 Co-Op Games of Q4 2017

As rare as it may be to find today, there’s a wonderful joy to be had in co-op play. Whether it be lending a hand in controlling one of gaming’s signature mascots or shooting Nazi Zombies alongside a buddy across the weathered fields of World War II, playing towards a common goal in co-op modes allows us as humans to connect with each other on a carefree, imaginative level. Friendly competition helps ignite positive rivalries that help us grow stronger, and building, racing, and even dancing together lets us blow off some steam while fostering time to get to know each other a little more. All in all, co-op play has a lot to offer us as a species reliant on social interaction. The following is a list of titles released in the past quarter that reflect some of the best the market has to offer in terms of co-op play, each possessing its own unique hook to let every user feel like he or she really matters.

One of the most anticipated and critically acclaimed games of the year actually features a fun co-op mode right in the box. Indeed, Nintendo’s Super Mario Odyssey, which released on October 27, allows one player to take control over the company’s signature mascot Mario while the other player takes on the role of Cappy, a powerful ally that has taken possession of Mario’s hat.

Together, two players can venture across the vast expanse of Odyssey’s many worlds, each of which contains its own flair reminiscent of the different countries on our very own planet. Though the game is usually a single-player experience, having a friend join in on the journey allows you both to tackle more challenging platforming aspects of the game, as the second player is able to control Cappy more freely and can serve as a much more versatile extra platform for Mario to jump off from. Having an extra pair of eyes alongside you is never a bad thing when it comes to Odyssey either, as the game is packed with interesting secrets to find that you’ll undoubtedly miss on your first playthrough.

Rocket League

Top 5 Co-Op Games of Q4 2017

Chances are that you’ve probably heard someone speak of the fun they’ve had with Rocket League at some point this console generation. Originally released over two years ago, the title has since garnered a massive esports following due to its compelling vehicular gameplay. If you’re unfamiliar with it, traditional league matches either pit players against each other or allow them to join cooperatively to compete against other teams as each opposing faction tries to ram a giant illuminating ball into the opposite net. This soccer/football premise sounds simple in writing, but there’s actually a whole lot of strategy and precision involved in winning a game, not to mention pulling off some fancy tricks while you’re at it.

A Switch iteration of Rocket League launched this past November and bares nothing from its console and PC counterparts. Different terrains like ice hockey rinks and basketball courts can be found alongside all the exciting power-ups that have since been introduced to the title. The Switch version also allows users to drive Mario, Luigi, and Samus-themed cars as they play, meaning die-hard Nintendo fans can geek out while coordinating whether the red or green brother would be the car to guard the net.

Call of Duty: WW2

Top 5 Co-Op Games of Q4 2017

If you had doubts about Call of Duty: WW2 this year, rest assured that Activision’s newest entry in the long-running series actually delivers on all the hype. Released on November 3 to positive critical acclaim, an engaging narrative and impeccable gameplay mechanics are among the highlights of CoD’s return to its roots. Should you and a buddy be curious to see what the game has to offer, WW2 allows you both the opportunity to take part in a variety of multiplayer modes and the wonderful Nazi Zombies splatter-fest. Indeed, the two of you are free to explore the title’s full range of offerings including 1v1 play, Divisions, Team Deathmatch, and more, though unfortunately there is no co-op included for the campaign.

In case you weren’t familiar with it, Nazi Zombies is essentially a horde mode that pits you and your friend against waves of invested human corpses in an effort to discover whether you two will be able to survive. If you’re a particularly seasoned zombie-slaying pair, WW2 allows you to take on a much more difficult hardcore path, the survival of which will reward you both with an alternate ending. Should you find yourselves way in over your heads by the sixth wave though, don’t worry. You and a friend can always join up with two other players online to make what’s left of your lives a little easier.

Just Dance 2018

Top 5 Co-Op Games of Q4 2017

just dance, just dance 2018

It’s not hard to see why Just Dance is one franchise that Ubisoft insists releases every year. There’s plenty of musical material to build on with every new iteration, and this year’s Just Dance 2018 is plenty evidence of that. Hits like “24K Magic” by Bruno Mars, “Side to Side” by Ariana Grande, “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee, and “Naughty Girl” by Beyoncé are just a few of the great titles that music and dance lovers can get up and move to.

Using the Swicth’s Joy-Con controllers or the Kinect to play on Xbox One is a workout and fun bonding experience all neatly tucked away in one convenient package. You’ll be able to cooperate together to perform the dance moves onscreen while simultaneously checking to see if each of your respective scores if higher than the other’s. Just Dance 2018 is one of the highlights of co-op play this year simply because it allows anyone the ability to play, from your grandmother to your nine-year-old kid.

Lego Marvel Superheroes 2

Top 5 Co-Op Games of Q4 2017

Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 makes this list for a similar reason to Just Dance 2018, though there is an extra incentive to play the game should you and a friend be comic book nerds. Though the title is intended for a younger demographic, the sequel allows for quite a bit of fun to be had no matter what age you may be as there’s just nothing more satisfying than blowing up a tower of bricks and building it all back up again. Playing the game with a friend is a pretty stress-free experience too, as the entire duration of the title’s campaign can be played in co-op without penalty should your friend have to drop out early.

This neat feature allows parents to hop in and play a couple of levels with their kid for the night, then let them play a little more into the game on their own later on. The addition of Marvel favorites like Agent Venom, Baby Groot, Spider-Gwen, and more makes Superheroes 2 an even more compelling experience if you both can’t wait for Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War next year.

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