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The Best PS4 Pro Games: These Are PS4 Pro Compatible Games You Need to Own


The Best PS4 Pro Games: These Are PS4 Pro Compatible Games You Need to Own

Horizon Zero Dawn

Best PS4 Pro Games (PS4 Pro Compatible Games)

Hoirzon Zero Dawn

Horizon is one of the best looking games of all time, no question. Its vibrant futuristic world is teeming with life, both natural and robotic. The PS4 Pro takes all of this to the next level, to the point where you can see individual bugs as they carry leaves up to the tops of trees and fireflies as they dance and cascade through the night sky.

There are two options to choose from, one which favors resolution, another which prioritizes performance. In 4K, Horizon Zero Dawn is quite simply breathtaking, highlighting the amazing accomplishment which Guerrilla Games has managed to achieve. A far cry from the greys and blacks of the Killzone franchise, Horizon uses lighting to give the impression of a living, breathing world. Sunsets, snow storms and rain clouds all look and behave like the real thing, solidifying the world of Horizon: Zero Dawn as the new benchmark for open world adventures.

The Last of Us Remastered

Best PS4 Pro Games

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The Last of Us Remastered brings an incredible game to the current generation of consoles. Now that it is available on PS4, it is also ripe for PS4 Pro enhancement, something which Sony has absolutely delivered on.  At first glance, you may be thinking that the world of The Last of Us is a pretty ugly place to be. The toll the infection has taken on the world has left it largely abandoned and stagnant. What shines through though, is the way that nature permeates through the game’s cities, reclaiming them from a now limping human race.

The PS4 Pro patches highlight this ugly-beauty, making the world look even more compelling on both 4K and HD displays. Further updates have been made since launch, adding the ability for players to tweak individual elements of the updated visuals including resolution, frame rate, and shadow quality.

Shadow of the Colossus

Best PS4 Pro Games (PS4 Pro Compatible Games)

Who knew that a remake of a 13-year-old game would end up being a contender for the best-looking game on PS4 Pro? Shadow of the Colossus pits players against impossibly massive enemies, something which PS4 Pro makes even more epic. The game does an amazing job of rendering the fur and grass effects in the game, which are positively astounding in 4K. Cinematic Mode favors these 4K visuals, increasing clarity, adding HDR and locking the frame-rate at 30 FPS. In a game that makes such good use of cloudy skies and muted lighting, these graphical improvements hold a lot of weight, making the mood even more somber yet still magical regardless.

Performance Mode aims for 60 FPS which really adds a lot to the experience. Scaling the Colossi is a dynamic, violent experience, made all the more smooth and cinematic by the increased frame-rate. Clinging on for dear life as your character is thrown to and fro would be a dizzying experience if not for a solid frame-rate, making Shadow of the Colossus on PS4 Pro the definitive way to play the game.

Ratchet & Clank

Best PS4 Pro Games

Ratchet & Clank marked the achievement of games finally looking like Pixar movies. The visual fidelity on show here is mind-blowing, from the particle effects associated with each weapon to the vibrant, crystal clear colors. It proves that games do not have to have realistic graphics to be considered incredibly pretty, and shows just how big an effect 4K visuals can have on certain art styles.

The PS4 Pro patch uses a technique called Temporal Injection to allow the game to reach higher resolutions and deliver a smoother image, free from jagged edges through the use of anti-aliasing techniques. It also throws HDR into the mix too, adding a new layer of depth.

Uncharted 4 + Lost Legacy

Best PS4 Pro Games

The second Naughty Dog franchise on this list, Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy both prove that the studio is the leading authority when it comes to visual fidelity. Uncharted 4 takes players to Scotland and Madagascar while Lost Legacy offers up the lush locales of India. Everything is rendered exquisitely, with a keen eye for detail. This is all true for the base versions of the games, even more so when you throw in the PS4 Pro patch.

The patch upscales Uncharted 4 to 1440p, and uses excellent implementation of anti-aliasing to avoid the edge-shimmer usually associated with simple upscaling. It’s more a refinement than a revolution, but with a game that looks this good on base consoles, it’s all that’s necessary.

GT Sport

Best PS4 Pro Games (PS4 Pro Compatible Games)

Gt sport

GT Sport was definitely divisive when it launched, with many lamenting the lack of a proper career mode and the new online focus. What was absolutely not divisive was just how stunning the game looked. Racers have always been at the forefront of graphical prowess, rendering photo-realistic versions of gorgeous vehicles in a way unmatched by other genres. GT Sport is definitely one of the best-looking racers ever made, and could quite possibly be the best proponent for the use of HDR.

Anti-aliasing and the inclusion of 8x multi-sampling (MSAA) seriously improves the frame-rate, which is obviously vital in a fast-paced racing game. The 1800p checkerboard presentation downscaled to full HD resolution means that the game looks fantastic on all screens, showing just how much power the right studio can extract out of PS4 Pro.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War

Best PS4 Pro Games (PS4 Pro Compatible Games)

Middle-earth Shadow of War ranked play

Middle Earth: Shadow of War takes everything which made its predecessor great and turns it up to 11. The shift to a new engine allows the game to render large scale battles at a silky smooth frame rate which, with the help of PS4 Pro, look even better than they did in the movies. A 4K cinematics pack adds a layer of epicness to the game, showing off its gruesome character designs and animations.

Players can choose from modes which either boost native resolution or visual quality, both featuring their own set of strengths. This boost in image quality results in a noticeable difference when compared to a base PS4, particularly in draw distance. This step up in terms of draw distance is the biggest change, giving a more complete view of the game’s massive battles involving orcs trolls and fell-beasts.

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

Best PS4 Pro Games

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The Witcher 3 raised the bar in terms of what an open world game should look like. It presented a dense, beautiful world without compromising in scale or scope. From the fiendish monsters to the nightmarish forests, everything looked appropriately fantastical, a great feat accomplished by an even greater developer.

The PS4 Pro patch once again offers 4K support which somehow makes the game look even more awesome. Not only that but CD PROJEKT have detailed HDR support which is soon to hit PS4 Pro, making this a must-have for PS4 Pro owners.

Infamous Second Son/First Light

Best PS4 Pro Games


Infamous Second Son presented an impossibly beautiful version of Seattle and was one of the first games which felt truly next-gen. The way the game directs its array of unique powers, including distinct visual styles and audio, makes it stand out as a graphical behemoth, even years later. The water effects, in particular, are sensational, partly because it’s almost always raining in Seattle, but also due to the way it interacts with the game’s many metallic surfaces.

The PS4 Pro patch offers a boost to 3200×1800 via checkerboarding and also throws in some great HDR implementation to make things look even better. There’s the option to trade visuals for performance, offering 60 FPS. The visual mode is locked at 30, but still shines regardless. All of these improvements also apply to the game’s excellent First Light expansion which makes great use of the pink neon colors featured throughout.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Best PS4 Pro Games (PS4 Pro Compatible Games)


Resident Evil 7 took the iconic horror series back to its roots. It tossed players into an intricately designed area, filled with secrets and spooky happenings. It has a more survival-horror focus than recent entries, making great use of lighting to set a mood which is both unsettling and enticing. The Pro patch brings with it improvements on the aforementioned lighting as well as a bump in resolution.

The real magic of this patch though is how it improves the visuals for the PSVR headset. The game can (and should) be played in its entirety in VR, something which elevated it to being one of the scariest games ever made. The PS4 Pro offers boosts for the majority of VR titles but here it’s really noticeable.

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