11 Burning Questions We Need Answering in Stranger Things Season 5

All shall be revealed in Stranger Things Season 5.

Stranger Things 4

The cliffhanger of Season 4 left fans with many questions since the release of its season finale. In the last scene of the latest episode, we see the group staring at a destroyed town with the fate of the universe hanging in the balance. So, while we wait for the arrival of Season 5, we’ve come up with this list of 11 questions that we need answering in the next installment of Stranger Things.

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What Happens to the Town of Hawkins?

11 Burning Questions We Need Answering in Stranger Things Season 5

Stranger Things 4
Source: Netflix

Since the first season of Stranger Things, Hawkins has gone through many hardships and turmoil. Unfortunately, after the end of Season 4, the town is once again in danger, with Vecna’s plan coming to full fruition. By the end of the season finale, we see the ground crumbling and smoke rising from the fires of a supposed Upside Down. So, will this finally be the end for the town of Hawkins?

We’ll know the answer to this question if Season 5 addresses this by the show’s series finale, and the storyline could also branch out further because Vecna’s mission is to take over the whole world, not just Hawkins. However, it seems like the town is at the center of all the destruction, and fans still hope that the series’ beloved characters can make it out alive.

Will Max Regain Consciousness?

11 Burning Questions We Need Answering in Stranger Things Season 5

Max in Stranger Things 4
Source: Netflix

Max Mayfield was one of the key figures in the plot of the latest season, featuring several arcs entirely based on her. First, we’ve seen her escape the clutches of Vecna in Episode 4, where she used the power of music against the evil creature. Then, she puts herself at risk in Volume 2 when she acts as bait to lure Vecna while the others try to gear up for battle in the Upside Down. But, as the plan goes on, everything goes horribly wrong once she gets trapped by him, resulting in multiple body parts breaking and possibly permanent blindness.

Thankfully, the character somehow survived, and fans worldwide rejoiced at her appearance at the hospital. The only problem is that she is in a coma, and doctors don’t know how she even lived through the tragic events. When considering this subject, the community has wondered if she will ever wake up and whether Eleven could help in her healing process or not.

Fans have developed some theories about future predictions for this timeline, primarily when you look at the connection of her favorite song, “Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)” by Kate Bush. For example, a Tik Tok user claims that the artist’s Hounds of Love album is about a girl in a coma, as shown here:

By the album’s end, this unknown person wakes up, hinting at Max’s journey within Stranger Things. Even though this is a theory, the idea could pan out and perhaps be confirmed in Season 5, right?

Why Is the Upside Down Stuck in the Past?

11 Burning Questions We Need Answering in Stranger Things Season 5

Nancy, Robin, and Eddie in Stranger Thungs 4
Source: Netflix

The newest volumes have cleared up many secrets of the Upside Down, including the identity of Vecna and the creation of the Mind Flayer. But, one of the few concepts that remain a mystery is why the Upside Down is frozen in time. In Chapter 7, Nancy Wheeler discovers that her bedroom (in the Upside Down) hasn’t changed since the abduction of Will in Season 1. For instance, her wallpaper is from that period, and the notes on her desk were from the night she spent with Steve Harrington in the very first episode.

So, why is the Upside Down stuck in the past, and what does this mean for the storyline? Furthermore, the date that the dark dimension seems to be stuck on is Nov. 6, 1983, the day Will Byers disappeared. Although there isn’t much information about this story arc, fans have developed theories about time travel that could explain the Upside Down’s current state.

When looking at the series, you can see a few themes of this hypothesis in multiple episodes, like how Eleven talks about time travelers in Season 4’s first episode. Season 3, Episode 7 also references it when the characters are watching Back to the Future, a well-known movie about going into the past and future. Now that Season 5 is on its way, we hope this vague concept will be further discussed in the next storyline.

Where Is Vecna?

11 Burning Questions We Need Answering in Stranger Things Season 5

Vecna in Stranger Things 4
Source: Netflix

Vecna, Henry Creel, One, whoever this man is, has been a constant terror in the newest season. Fortunately, fans were relieved to see the character get a taste of his own medicine after the group fights to defeat him. However, as Nancy, Steve, and Robin check to see if he is still alive, his body is no longer there, thus keeping the fear alive. This sudden shift in the story begs the question: where is Vecna?

Despite the success of his strategic plan, the sinister entity is nowhere to be seen, indicating that he must be doing something behind the scenes. Additionally, we know that Vecna is injured due to Nancy’s group attacking him with fire and gunshot wounds, which could either go in their favor later on or make him even angrier.

What Will Dr. Owens and Lt. Colonel Sullivan Do Now?

11 Burning Questions We Need Answering in Stranger Things Season 5

Dr. Owens and Lt. Colonel Sullivan in Stranger Things 4
Source: Netflix

Dr. Owens was a big help to Eleven in Season 4, mainly when he fought to keep her safe and was willing to let her go during her training. Nonetheless, things took a sudden turn when Lt. Colonel Sullivan invaded the base of the Nina Project to eliminate Eleven. But, it doesn’t end well for him once she brings down most of his fleet using her superior powers.

What will Sullivan do now that Eleven has left him and his crew stranded in the deserts of Nevada? This event could influence his mission to kill her even more and cause him to take down Dr. Owens in the process. On the contrary, the Colonel could end up helping in the fight against the Upside Down if Owens convinces him enough, yet we’ll just have to see the direction of their journey in the future.

Will Eight Return To Help Eleven?

11 Burning Questions We Need Answering in Stranger Things Season 5

Eight in Stranger Things 2
Source: Netflix

Eight made her brief appearance in Season 2 of Stranger Things as Eleven’s powerful “sister.” Because she has the skills to corrupt people’s minds, she was able to escape the prison of Hawkins Laboratory and lead a life where she takes down members of the estranged organization. But, as the two test subjects reconnect, Eleven must return to her friends to save them from a new threat of the Upside Down.

Although it seemed like Eight had a more prominent role in the series, she was barely mentioned again in the latest season, in spite of the flashback scenes of Eleven’s memories. So, could she come back to Hawkins to aid Eleven in the war against Vecna and the creatures of the alternate dimension? The show’s famous group needs all the help they can get since they technically lost the battle against One, and Eight could contribute to the team’s efforts if she does return.

Does Will Play a Bigger Role in the Next Installment?

11 Burning Questions We Need Answering in Stranger Things Season 5

Will in Stranger Things 4
Source: Netflix

Out of all the characters, Will has been through a lot in the show, primarily because he is the first known victim of the Upside Down. However, even when he escapes the deadly universe, he finds himself possessed by the Mind Flayer, a powerful entity that used him as a host for domination. As a result, Will fights off the creature and still feels a connection to it even though Eleven was able to close the gate.

After analyzing crucial moments of the series, we see Will having a tingly feeling on the back of his neck in both Season 3 and 4, indicating darkness within him. In addition, now that he knows Vecna is behind many of the catastrophic events, he can tap into Creel’s mindset and well-being. For example, in the last episode, Will states that Vecna is alive and continues to say, “I can still remember what he thinks, and how he thinks.”

Could Will utilize this ability to help in the battle against Vecna, and does he have a more significant role in Season 5? Fans have considered that the character will betray the group due to his link to Henry and the previously mentioned frozen-in-time concept. Furthermore, Caleb McLaughlin influenced the idea further in an interview with WatchMojo when he responded to a question about a one-word tease on what to expect for Season 4. In the video, he replies with an ominous word of “traitor” while the other actors and actresses laugh.

With this word in mind, some believe Will is the traitor of the group and the main enemy in Season 5. The poor boy has also been a spy for the Mind Flayer; therefore, it could hint at what is to come in the next installment. Whatever happens to Will, we just hope he finally gets a haircut by the series’ end.

What Were the Russian’s Plans For the Demogorgons?

11 Burning Questions We Need Answering in Stranger Things Season 5

Hopper in Stranger Things 4
Source: Netflix

Joyce, Hopper, and Murray’s adventures in Russia have consistently shown action-packed scenes and emotional moments, yet one instance, in particular, stands out from the rest. The specific scene in question is when the group stumbles across the secret organization’s lab, including objects like Demogorgans in tanks and a twister of particles trapped in a jail.

Since the monsters annihilated the Russians, the reason for these test subjects remains a mystery unless someone survived to help explain why. Hopefully, Season 5 can help answer this secret because this story arc could be a threat later down the line, but if not, this plot point could be a simple ploy from the country, similar to the narrative of Season 3.

Is Eleven Strong Enough To Take Down Her Enemies?

11 Burning Questions We Need Answering in Stranger Things Season 5

Eleven in Stranger Things 4
Source: Netflix

Eleven has saved the world countless times in the past, despite being a young teenager that gets bullied by others. For example, Season 1 displays her telekinetic skills when she evaporates the Demogorgans, like how she did with One during the massacre of Hawkins Laboratory. Then, she shows her strength again when she closes the gate in Season 2 and defends her friends against the evils of the Upside Down in Season 3.

Unfortunately, Eleven becomes powerless after she loses her father, Hopper, and is drained by all she has done. However, Season 4 reveals how her repressed memories have caused this temporary block in her powers, leading her to resume her training with Dr. Brenner and Dr. Owens.

As she continues finding out the truth, she leaves the base to aid her friends and family in the fight against Vecna, disrupting her process of regaining her powers. So, could this sudden halt result in Eleven not defeating the monsters of the Upside Down? We know she has already lost against Vecna in the current season, so fans wonder if she has enough strength to finally destroy him. Luckily, she has “killed” him before when she was a kid, and this instance could help her again in her battle against him.

Could Eddie Munson Be Resurrected?

11 Burning Questions We Need Answering in Stranger Things Season 5

Eddie Munson in Stranger Things 4
Source: Netflix

Fans of Stranger Things were shocked and saddened to see Eddie Munson’s death in the epic season finale. After a brutal attack from the Demobats, the leader of Hellfire fought to redeem himself since he felt let down when he ran away from the death of Chrissy Cunningham. In return, this motivation for redemption led to his demise in Volume 2’s ending, but could he still have somehow survived?

Keep in mind that we didn’t actually see his body as we did with other characters in the story, and there was a brief time skip of two days after he supposedly died. Fans have also examined Dungeons and Dragon’s lore to explain how he could’ve survived his mortal injuries.

According to the texts of D&D, Vecna has a vampire lieutenant named “Kas” who eventually turns against him and tries to defeat him. As a result, fans believe Eddie is another version of Kas because he was bitten by Demobats, has a vampire tattoo, and previously referenced the character in Hellfire’s game session. If you look at Episode 1 of Season 4, you’ll hear the club talk about how Kas killed Vecna after he used his longsword to slice off his arm and eye.

Kas and Vecna in D&D lore
Source: Wizards of the Coast

The community continues to hold onto the belief that this fan favorite is still alive, even though he might not be the same person he once was. Nevertheless, Eddie has proved he is a hero and could triumph again in the following season.

Who Is the True Villain of the Upside Down?

11 Burning Questions We Need Answering in Stranger Things Season 5

Vecna and the Mind Flayer in Stranger Things 4
Source: Netflix

Demogorgons, the Mind Flayer, Demodogs, and Vecna are all crucial components to the Upside Down, yet who is the true mastermind of this alternate dimension? One may be pulling all the strings, especially with the reveal of him creating the Mind Flayer, except there could be something far worse that we don’t know.

Fans of Stranger Things have also mentioned that Henry Creel was the main villain since the show’s beginning. For instance, some have claimed that it was Vecna that abducted Will because Demogorgans usually feast on their prey during the initial attack, like Barb. Furthermore, when we compare his disappearance to others in Season 4, we can see how this theory can be true because they share many similarities, including Max and Will’s use of music to fight through their curse.

If One is the real mastermind, what was the Upside Down like before he ruled the dimension? Did he corrupt the monsters, or were their obsession for domination already ingrained in them? The only thing fans can do is anticipate more details about this question once the next installment arrives.

We hope all these questions will be answered once the story reaches its exciting conclusion in Season 5. Our only hope is that all these aforementioned plot points will be discussed and the final chapter will be satisfying enough without having any loose ends.

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