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Pokemon GO: Where to Find Different Types of Pokemon

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Pokemon GO: Where to Find Different Types of Pokemon

Become a better informed Poketrainer!

Pokemon GO has been making a big splash not only in the world of video games, but in society as a whole. The game is unique, and offers a type an experience that encourages social interactions and cooperation. And one of the most frequent ways that sentiment has been manifesting is in the pursuit of certain types of Pokemon.

How do you catch water types? What kind of places should I be looking for dragon Pokemon? In a local sense, you’ll have to ask your fellow Trainers. But in a broader sense, there does seem to be a method to the madness of hunting down virtual monsters in our real world.

And as it turns out, it mostly works the way you might expect it would in a typical Pokemon game! You’re actually going to be finding more water types if you’re closer to a body of water (as long as it’s a body of water recognized by the game’s on-screen map data). Grass types are unsurprisingly found in large patches of grass (which the game can distinguish between, as it knows where buildings are and what is considered an urban area).

These are just a few easy examples, but we’ve been hard at work tracking and noting down our findings. Here’s a comprehensive look more Pokemon types and where to look for them:

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