6 NPC Conversations Worth Eavesdropping on in Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect NPC conversations

Despite its controversial ending, there is no doubt that Mass Effect 3 is still a fantastic game, as it features all of the intricate stories and choices fans came to love about the series. There are so many stories taking place in the game that you’ve likely missed out on many of them, especially when it comes to NPC conversations. 

Amidst the chaos that is the Reaper invasion, the characters that make up the game’s world are living lives of their own, each filled with mixtures of comedy and tragedy. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the six best NPC conversations in Mass Effect 3 that are worth eavesdropping on. 

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Salarian Soldier’s Vohrtix Armor

Mass Effect
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Regardless of whether you’re a Batarian, Salarain, or Vorcha, every species suffers heavy losses in Mass Effect 3 at the hands of the Reapers. Despite this, many still push on, going headfirst into the fight in the hopes of saving the galaxy. 

That’s the exact mindset a Salarian soldier has right after he sustained a concussion from a wall that falls on his head. He tells his human friend that he isn’t worried about getting back to fighting because the Vortex Armor he got by mistake will keep him safe. 

As the conversation goes on, he realizes that his human friend is actually the one who purchased the armor for him after she reveals she sold her fancy car and knew far too many details about the armor. Before he can say much more, she tells him not to worry and that they should go relax at Purgatory. 

It’s a heartwarming story about someone who would sacrifice their possessions to make sure their friend stays safe. 

Guy’s Night

Mass Effect NPC conversations
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When you’re in the middle of a war, it is essential to have nights off, especially when bonding with your squadmates. Unfortunately, you may not get along with everyone in your team perfectly. 

That is the awkward situation Shepard runs into outside of the Purgatory bar in Mass Effect 3, as a male and female Marine talk about guy’s night out. It is pretty clear from the start of the conversation that the male soldier is trying to tell the female that she wasn’t invited, but she completely ignores him, asking where the other guys are and if they have a tab.

The female soldier is persistent in wanting to have a wild night, abrasively asking the male to get some ass-shaking dancers. She goes on until the male Marine says the guys feel uncomfortable around her at the club because she is a woman. 

The female Marine then sarcastically spouts, “holy crap, I’m a woman!” Not much longer into the conversation, she is able to make fun of him enough to show that she is indeed one of the guys, as their talk ends with them bonding over kicking Richards’s ass. 

Cheating Wife & The Mistress

Mass Effect
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Even in the midst of a war that’ll end civilization, relationship drama is still a thing. That is exactly what Shepard hears when they walk by a female human and an Asari while exploring the Citadel. 

The conversation starts with the human stating that her relationship with her husband wasn’t great before he got deployed and that she just couldn’t lie to him over Vids anymore. This seems like it is going to lead to her breaking it off with him…until the mistress gets particular about them being a couple. 

The Asari tells the cheating wife to be vague and not mention her, prompting the human to wonder if she is serious about their relationship. The conversation ends with the Asari essentially telling her that even if she leaves her husband that the two can’t be together. 

The story is a rollercoaster of relationship drama – one where you can’t help but feel bad for the husband. 

Batarian and Human Refugees

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Batarians get a bad rap as a violent species throughout Mass Effect. In truth, though, they aren’t really that bad. They only seem that way because their government refuses to let average citizens leave Batarian space. 

As such, the ones we usually meet in the game are the rebellious ones who left, leading them to take up jobs that make them outlaws as a way to survive. The laws that once prevented citizens from leaving mean nothing in Mass Effect 3, though, as the Reapers attack all homeworlds the same way. 

Due to this, we end up seeing a conversation between a human refugee and a Batarian refugee on the Citadel that shows how good-natured the species can be, even if it takes a bit of time for them to warm up. 

The conversation starts with the human describing how beautiful the city of Lyon is. The Batarian gets angry at how much the human is talking but eventually opens up about how difficult it was to see his homeworld get destroyed. 

The talk ends with the two bonding over destroying the Reapers for what they’ve done to the galaxy. 

Citadel Turian Partners

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As Mass Effect goes on, it’s hard not to love Turians. They may seem like hardened warriors on the outside, but deep down, they would do anything for the people they care about. 

You see firsthand just how important helping people is to them when eavesdropping on a conversation between two Turian Citadel guards outside of Purgatory. Over a couple of different visits, you’ll hear them talk about trying to catch a scam artist, charities, and family. 

At the end of the conversation, they agree to leave the Citadel to help the people on Palaven while also hoping to find out news about one partner’s family. It is a small but significant story that shows how important the bond between these two partners is and how it helps get them through an unimaginably hard time. 

Refugee Teen and Citadel Guard

Mass Effect
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One of the most heartbreaking conversations Shepard can witness in Mass Effect 3 takes place between a refuge human teenager and a Turian Citadel guard. It starts out simple enough, as the teen says she is waiting for her parents to get to the Citadel.

She seems cheery enough at first, stating that they put her on a rescue transport and told her to wait for them. The Turian responds by telling her that if anyone bothers her, to let him know and that he will take care of them. 

A later interaction sees the guard ask if her parents had arrived yet. She says no, but that it is ok, as they always keep their promises. As the conversations continue, though, it becomes clear that the parents were likely killed. 

It’s heartbreaking to hear, as the teenager slowly loses hope while the Turian does his best to reassure her that everything will be okay and that her parents would be glad she is safe. 

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