7 DLC Characters That Should Be Added to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

marvel ultimate alliance 3, dlc, characters, should be

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 has brought back the fan-favorite series, this time exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. While the game already features a massive roster of over 30 characters, there are even more on the way with three different DLC packs focusing on X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Marvel Knights.

We have a few ideas on what characters we want to see come to Ultimate Alliance 3, but there are a few exceptions. We can’t include Moon Knight, Punisher, Blade, or Morbius, as they’ve already been confirmed for the Marvel Knights DLC. At the same time, we haven’t included the actual members of the Fantastic Four, as that’s far too obvious.

Silver Surfer

marvel ultimate alliance 3, dlc, characters, should be

Silver Surfer is one incredibly powerful hero, and easily one of the most iconic looking in all of Marvel history. That silver sheen and sleek surfboard are absolutely unmistakable.

While all of the Fantastic Four are easy picks for the DLC, Silver Surfer is another character that could easily be introduced there due to his heavy involvement with Marvel’s first family.

Silver Surfer’s cosmic abilities could make him a blast to play as, just like he was in the first Ultimate Alliance. From firing a ray of cosmic energy, to rearranging his atoms for a surprise attack, Silver Surfer could have some really cool moves to play around with. His board would also make him a super agile character that could easily pepper enemies with attacks from the air.

Out of all the Marvel characters out there, Silver Surfer is one of the heroes that feels like a glaring omission in Ultimate Alliance 3.

Jean Grey

marvel ultimate alliance 3, dlc, characters, should be

There’s already a pretty solid offering of X-Men characters in Ultimate Alliance 3, but with even more on the way, Jean Gray seems like a surefire pick, maybe even in her Phoenix incarnation. Jean has consistently been shown to be one of the most powerful Mutants in the entire Marvel universe, and she’d be a great addition to any dream-team of heroes.

Here telekinetic powers would make her entirely different from any other character on the roster, maybe even having the ability to pick up and throw enemies. She could also work as a ranged character like Magneto, drawing enemies into groups with her telekinesis, in order to set them up for a combo from another hero.

Considering Jean Grey was already featured in Ultimate Alliance 2, she’s a natural addition to the roster of The Black Order.

Cloak and Dagger

marvel ultimate alliance 3, dlc, characters, should be

Cloak and Dagger would be a fascinating DLC character, considering you could do a kind of two-for-one character, similar to Rocket and Groot. In that same vein, Dagger can use her light daggers as ranged weapons, while Cloak uses his powers of darkness to inflict damage on enemies.

Cloak could even use his powers to read the fears of enemies, lowering their damage output or increasing the damage your team inflicts on them. Either way, Cloak and Dagger could make for an interesting character in terms of abilities and debuffs.

Past their functionality, the duality of the character’s light and darkness could make for some really cool visuals in Ultimate Alliance 3’s art style, making their moves and attacks really pop off the screen.


marvel ultimate alliance 3, dlc, characters, should be

You can’t have the X-Men and not have the king of cool himself, Iceman. Drake Roberts, better known as Iceman, was a major character in both of the previous Ultimate Alliance games, and his icy powers played nicely against other characters.

Imagine having Iceman in battle with Ghost Rider, and having their fire and ice abilities interact through Synergy. Or having Iceman work with Captain Marvel to launch a devastating ice beam of energy.

With Ultimate Alliance 3’s more comic book-y aesthetic, it’d also be great to see Iceman in his original X-Men outfit, right alongside the likes of Wolverine, Colossus, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, and more.


marvel ultimate alliance 3, dlc, characters, should be

Gambit may not always be one of the main X-Men, but the Ragin’ Cajun has always been one of the fan-favorite characters. Gambit has serious style, and his iconic comic book look would be fantastic to see in the stylistic graphics of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. He’d also bring an interesting fighting role to the game, a bit different from other characters.

Most characters in Ultimate Alliance 3 are split between melee and ranged characters, but Gambit has the ability to be a mix of both. Gambit can use his cards as ranged projectiles, even setting them to explode on contact. This means his heavy attack could be ranged, while his light attack is a melee combo using his staff.

This also provides countless options for his abilities and Synergies, like bouncing exploding cards off of Captain America’s shield or pairing up with Wolverine for a flurry of attacks.

If the X-Men DLC wants to add on stylish characters, you have to have Gambit in the mix.


marvel ultimate alliance 3, dlc, characters, should be

Cable was featured as a playable character in Ultimate Alliance 2, but the characters has become much more well-known in the years since, especially after the Deadpool movies. The X-Men DLC would be the perfect opportunity to reintroduce the time-traveling hero, with a host of new powers.

Cable, like Gambit, can function as both a melee character or a ranged character due to his proficiency with firearms and technological body enhancements. This could lead to him being a versatile addition to any team, and just imagine how crazy some of his Synergy attacks with Deadpool could be.

Even better is the fact that you could create an entire X-Force team in Ultimate Alliance 3, with the likes of Deadpool, Cable, Psylocke, and Nightcrawler.


marvel ultimate alliance 3, dlc, characters, should be

Jubilee is part of a younger generation of Mutants, and as such she hasn’t had a lot of time in the spotlight in video games. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is the chance for all of that to change, and for Jubilee to make her explosive entrance to the series.

Jubilee has the ability to generate pyrotechnic energy plasmoids from her hands, essentially letting her use explosive fireworks to attack with. She has full control over the power and intensity of this ability, letting her do everything from blind enemies with flashes to launch massive explosions.

This could tie directly into her abilities in Ultimate Alliance 3, and she’d be an interesting addition to the game’s repertoire of ranged heroes. One of here abilities could stun groups of enemies, opening them up to attacks, while others will focus on launching explosive balls of energy. a

While there are countless classic X-Men characters you could pick for the game, it’d be nice to see a bit of new blood join the ranks.

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